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  1. swkaise

    FS: Temperature Thermistor Instrument

    Back in the box brand new: Cooper-Atkins - Temperature Thermistor Instrument, Model SH66A I got this from a friend to monitor fish tank temperatures. Never got around to using it. I am not sure if anyone would have a use for it here but it is worth a shot. It usually comes with 3 different...
  2. swkaise

    Surefire m3lt batteries

    I looked around on the forum and couldnt I own an SureFire M3LT CombatLight® and I use it a lot. Well... Buying 3 123A batteries gets expensive. I am just kind of curious as to what you guys would suggest for rechargeable batteries and a charger. Steve
  3. swkaise

    I am in need of some assistance.

    I am new here so, Hi. I have been reading these forums for weeks upon weeks. I have also bought numerous $5 amazon lasers and well... they all broke. I am looking at getting a more serious laser and after reading on here I seem to have found that 'lazerers' has some of the best prices. Before...
  4. swkaise

    That new guy

    Hey guys! I have been looking up several questions here for a couple of weeks now and i decided it was time to sign up! I kind of got into lasers after I built a computer for a friend and his form of payment was a flashlight. SureFire M3LT CombatLight® I never ask for anything when I am...