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  1. 9Ring

    Sky 650nm 1Watt Beam

    Gentleman i know i am new here but i think i have an issue that require some expert advce. I bought a made for me Sky 650nm 1watt. i am highly dissapointed, it is no were near the visability of my 450mw 635nm wolfemanbuilt stainless steel. the beam itself is barely visable like a pen pointer...
  2. 9Ring

    Jet Laser. top notch cutomer service.

    I buy alot of lasers from differnt companies and people. When i got my Pl-E 532nw 500mw Laser it had some operational issues. Jetlasers sent a random email following delivery ,i of course ,i told them my concerns. You'd think i was there only customer....we emailed back and forth..trying...
  3. 9Ring

    532 nm 400mw Need one Built

    Hello just putting it out there if a reputable builder in the US can make me one. i think i lost a Lazerer to customs......its being inspected. So i'm looking for a US built 532nm in the 400mw-600mw range I need some green to balance my collection.:D thanks
  4. 9Ring

    Coconuts fast friendly great seller.

    They are very efficient , quick and generous. adding some extra's for no charge. very nice to new memeber:D good deal price vs quality
  5. 9Ring

    Dragon Laser.....No response after the 15th

    Hey Guys, i have a Spartan on order. Frank replied on the 15 that" it would go out wednesday (17th)and i've been trying to ask him question about it with no response. Has Anyone been in touch with Dragon recently? (*Also any Lazerer orders*...they responded and shipped out my 1.5 Rifle. have...