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  1. .3lite

    Laser diode chips - information on the box

    Hey guys I have recently purchased several small boxes with 808 nm laser diode chips in them. However, I have no idea what kind of information is available on the box itself: Except of course for the lambda and quantity. Does anyone know what they mean?
  2. .3lite

    WTB: Bare chips (808nm, 660-630nm, and so on)

    Hey guys I want to give it a try with bare chips, but I was unable to purchase them on ebay (couldn't find any). I'm looking for high-power chips of any wavelength, preferable 808 nm or less, multi mode ones will work too. Please, if someone has few chips for sale (even from Chris) then let me...
  3. .3lite

    WTB: LPM with thermopile head

    Hey guys, I was looking for some kind of LPM with serious thermopile head just like nospin's LPM but there is a small problem with that one, nospin last activity: 03-15-2012 so I hardly see him answering PM not to mention selling one. I'm not really interested in laserbee so right now I'm...
  4. .3lite

    Laser identification request (pen-style 445nm)

    Hey guys, I saw recently a pen-style 445nm 1W laser, I'm wondering if anyone can tell me where I can find one of those: It is supposed to be 1W of 445nm.
  5. .3lite

    Labby style 445nm - burning match in half

    Pretty much same as title ;P 12T-fr8ETt4
  6. .3lite

    BBO / LBO did anyone try?

    Hello guys, I was wondering if anyone tried to double any wavelength using these crystals without coated thing? I mean no coated crystal, I was thinking about it, since for example BBO crystal is quite cheap on ebay: Castech BBO 2x2x10mm A-CUT 2 Faces Polished Crystal - eBay (item 290406960963...
  7. .3lite

    445nm burning paper

    7jKoMknZKeA Using projector lenses (it sux, but I don't have any other coated lens). Sorry guys for a short movie but with this heatsink I can't run it at this power any longer because of heat :P I will create from this diode a labby module for laser shows most likely. btw. A140 diode bought...
  8. .3lite

    Does anyone's diode died?

    Yea, pretty much thats it, I'm wondering if someone's diode died? Because I haven't heard anything, but if so, how did it die? Overdrived? That's the info I need, because I would like to run these diodes really long at atleast 1A (so the output must be around 1W).
  9. .3lite

    LBO from o-like, anyone?

    Hey, I was thinking about this crystal: Crystal LBO -2210(Applied to >500mW)£­>Laser Accessories£­>Laser&lighting products£­>www.0-like.com Anyone tested it? I can't read any usefull information there, what wavelengths will it double?
  10. .3lite

    Simply green DPSS - bored

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0pu725ImpM&fmt=18 I was bored ashell :P It's really simply, used glue to attach everything, but it gives quite nice green beam.
  11. .3lite

    24x dvd writer, anyone?

    Hello folks! I'm wondering if anyone tested new? laser diodes from 24x dvd writers?
  12. .3lite

    nova x105 from RA_Pierce

    PLEASE MOVE TO REVIEWS. Hello folks! I was looking for a great green laser pointer for max 150 bucks, I've made thread "I'm looking for a green laser, 150$ max" and RA_Pierce offered his x105 with max peak about 139mW and average 120mW for 151$ (24$ for shipping to Poland), so I've accepted...
  13. .3lite

    I'm looking for a green laser, 150$ max

    Hello folks! I'm looking for a good green pen-style laser, it should has a small leakage of IR, and true green output (not as some seller says, that they are selling 150mW which in 130mW is IR). I can't really buy it here in Poland, because as I've said, sellers are fakers so I can't trust them...
  14. .3lite

    building green DPSS

    Hey, I'm actually building a green DPSS laser using a Chris diode from bag (that 25 diodes in 9mm). Half of diodes were 960nm and the other half actually are 808nm, and one 655nm which was damaged : / So, using some old crystals from my 532nm module, and 808nm decan'ed diode we can get nice...
  15. .3lite

    Didn't I forget to introduce myself?

    Obviously I didn't, so nevermind and here's some info about me. My name is Konrad, I'm from Poland, my hobbies are things such like c++,php and mysql programming aswell as lasers. I did several lasers, mostly from DVD RW's (which I believe I had about 60, propably half of them or more destroyed...
  16. .3lite

    shit JDD scanner

    HDD scanner Hey, I was wondering how looks that "scanner" made from HDD, so I did one, here's result: please watch in HQ (High Quality): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOgaBJu1vIg Isn't bad.