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  1. 9Ring

    3.56W 445 Laser on ebay

    did anyone order one yet???
  2. 9Ring

    High Powered Amazon Laser 532nm

    3.2 Laserbee. Why? Don't get me wrong the powers vary.....but 90mw wasn't a shock, as i could tell it was quite bright. (military pointer "looks like a minitorch" ) only one unit hit that high mark Even my 405 pen is around 45-50 mw, Also from "million accessories" from Amazon.
  3. 9Ring

    High Powered Amazon Laser 532nm

    i made a commen in the BST section that "million accessories" must be a code. i have 3 difffernt model 532's the 301, the mini torch military, and their pen. I've seen 90 mw on the torch and 70-75-80mw on the 301 . The pens seem to come in around 40 - 50mw. Since i have a few of...
  4. 9Ring

    3.56W 445 Laser on ebay

    I think he's on the up and up. Seems like he is bending over backwards to prove his claims. Also seems like a likeable fellow. even if the life of the Diode is only 100 or even 50 hours.....1 diode running 3.5 watts! thats balls to walls Much Like IE said.....lucky if any of my lasers see...
  5. 9Ring

    hey Gray! thanks for expiditing my new order. +1 On a great guy and an excellent company.

    hey Gray! thanks for expiditing my new order. +1 On a great guy and an excellent company.
  6. 9Ring

    For Sale: 1.8W Laser Only $120

    Were are located? not much info on you.....i'd take the 1.8w but i don't even know if your are in conus PM me, thanks!
  7. 9Ring

    Sold:O-like Power Rock set Red250mW Green100mW Blue1W-$200

    Re: FS:O-like Power Rock set Red250mW Green100mW Blue1W-$200 Is your red a 635/8 or 650 nm?
  8. 9Ring

    2W 445nm SH-032 (New :)

    Re: 1.9W 445nm SH-032 (New :) OK...great.! I was worried as i tried to fit some protected batts in this unit. Not knowing the exact innards i worried about pressure/damage or misalignment of the diode housing. I've switched to the industrial panasonics ( unprotected)wich deliver great...
  9. 9Ring

    2W 445nm SH-032 (New :)

    Re: 1.9W 445nm SH-032 (New :) Excellent! You may have gained a bit of output by doing so Curious where did you get the unprotected 3400mah Panasonics? Orbtronics? Lighthound? I'm abit of a battery junky I've had excellent results with Ultrafire xsl 18350's .... Yellowish/ orange cells...
  10. 9Ring

    2W 445nm SH-032 (New :)

    Re: 1.9W 445nm SH-032 (New :) You guys need to get better batteries.......Ultrafire doesn't make a 4000mah 18650. Its counterfit. At best these batts are 1000mah....as tested on the "flashlight forums" If/when you do replace these batts remember to get unprotected as they are the correct...
  11. 9Ring

    Is it legal to point a 150mw green laser in the sky? In the US?

    this is a signal to free speech. i target my lasrs at stars........bullshit i'm trying to interfere with any take off or landing aircraft. the goverment is being anal......my lasers never come anywayeres near an aircrfaft. Lasers are the future.....and wy can we not participat in it
  12. 9Ring

    CLOSED! Now Distributing ROUND 2!: THE "Skylaser" (laserBtB) groupbuy!

    Re: CLOSED! Taking payments. ROUND 2!: THE "Skylaser" (laserBtB) groupbuy! Is it too late to order a 700mw 532?? use my contact info and email me....
  13. 9Ring

    Looking for some greenies *Already found one*

    Amazon sells some very overpsec military "mini" torch style and adjustable focus 532s have 3 that are between 75 and 90 mw. Look for the brand name Million Accesories......i think its a code. All i know is every "Million Accesories" 5mw laser i've gotten...including Pen are 40mw + as well.
  14. 9Ring

    Im a loser baby

    Don't let your future in laws sour you. His lack of imagination makes him the loser. Remember no one can make you feel like a loser. You know who you are. When you look in the mirror i'm sure you don't see a loser. ( cause your not a loser) Having an imagination and getting into a science...
  15. 9Ring

    Panasonic 18650 3100mah vs Sanyo 2800mah - DealExtreme

    I know they both are really good cells. Your preference. obviously more mah will require less charging inbetween charges, but i'm the sort that tops off my batteries once i see them under 4 volts. Using good cells like these might even bump your power up abit. ( many of my lasers LPM' d...
  16. 9Ring

    Use of Silver for a Heatsink?

    I likely won't. however i've gone through ALL of em and hand picked the more "minty" coins and cross referenced important years and such. Maybe just a few of the highly worn coins may find there way into the fire.
  17. 9Ring

    Use of Silver for a Heatsink?

    I have a bunch of pre 64 silver coins, that are not in collectable condition but they are 90% pure silver I've got a least a 2 lb bag of such coins. I'm thinking mix in some copper as well and i could melt it down and then have it machined. Though i hate to loose the history of the...
  18. 9Ring

    NEW 1.5-2.5W 445nm Blue/Black Ice/Flash Freeze Lasers FREE US Shipping

    Re: New 1-2W 445nm Flash Freeze Lasers starting at $110 free US shipping Is it focused down to the smallest size??? that looks abit odd to me. But 445's do have a rectangulr beam. Was it always like that????
  19. 9Ring

    Skylaser DPL-700, 821mW 532nm green laser.

    I'll give you 30 pieces of Silver for it!!! Awesome Day Shot........and Night, i can't think anymore power would be brighter to the eyes. Thats the most solid nihtime beam i've ever seen. Have Fun!!
  20. 9Ring

    1w spartan 447nm trade offers

    Sorry i've been away dan......not the Spartan. To all others, i have this laser and its really tight divergance , burns excellently and has a beautiful nightbeam. Utility laser is a good descrription, but its elegant in a simplistic design.