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  1. Razako

    Bitcoin Discussion

    Hey all, just wondering what you guys think of the recent Bitcoin craze. Do you think it's truly gonna be the future and go to $100,000+? Is it all just an exotic ponzi scheme which is gonna collapse in spectacular fashion any day now? I do think the current valuation is a bit absurd. I mean...
  2. Razako

    Is it illegal to target drones with lasers?

    Not a troll thread, I swear. Would it be illegal to hit a drone with a high powered laser? I have no idea and was wondering about this. Is it only illegal to target manned aircraft, or unmanned as well? I'm not talking about military drones or anything. I'm talking about those annoying...
  3. Razako

    Jetlasers 100mw 473nm PL-E Pro Review (Beastly 200mw average)

    My 473nm PL-E pro came in today, and as usual Jetlasers don't fail to impress. -Perfect build quality and stylish looks: Everything fits together and moves smoothly, the focusing mechanism works well and the laser seems professionally done in all aspects. -Good beam specs: After warming up...
  4. Razako

    100mw 473nm PL-E Pro on the way

    All of the recent positive reviews have persuaded me to pull the trigger on a Jetlasers 100mw 473nm PL-E Pro. My last experience with 473nm wasn't the best, and I'm hoping Jetlasers won't let me down. Upon arrival you can expect a full review complete with LPM testing and pictures:D
  5. Razako

    Eye glasses ruin the beam of 405nm lasers?

    I noticed this while playing around outside the other night with my sanwu 405nm. I recently got a new set of glasses, and I notice that they dramatically weaken the visual strength of a 405nm beam and make it look almost 'grayish'. Taking off my glasses the beam goes back to a familiar violet...
  6. Razako

    Great deal on 593.5nm pointers

    Yellow Laser Pointer 593.5NM Wavelength ** TOP QUALITY** | eBay Only $360 shipped to get a 593.5nm pointer. Not bad at all compared to the competition such as LG.
  7. Razako

    Review: Laserlands 520nm 5mw pointer

    Hey all, I figured I would post a short little review for this new product. As far as I can tell, it's the cheapest direct diode 520nm pointer on the market right now. Links: 5mW 520nm Green Portable Laser Pointer Point Pen Laser Diode Pointer Osram LD in | eBay It's slightly cheaper to buy...
  8. Razako

    No longer selling

    No longer selling
  9. Razako

    Laserglow Hydra is actually NOT <5mw

    While messing around the other day, I noticed something quite interesting about the laserglow Hydra. The front cap unscrews, and it contains what appears to be a 'black glass filter'. Once removed, the laser output appears to be well into the 30+mw range. It will actually sting your skin if...
  10. Razako

    This forum could use a Jury system

    As I'm sure we all know, the spam and troll posts have become quite numerous lately. It's not fair to expect the mods to ALWAYS be on to deal with it, so what if regular members were given some tools to address the issue? Another forum I go to uses a jury style system where if a post is...
  11. Razako

    Selling Jetlasers Equality 1.4W 462nm $165 shipped

    Hey all, I'm selling a JL equality series 1.4W 462nm laser for $165 shipped within the US.(saves about $60 after shipping from JL). I'm selling it because I have a PL-E pro in this wavelength and never really use the equality series. It's in perfect condition and comes with 2 free AW cells...
  12. Razako

    It's here, >800mw 532nm PL-E Pro

    Got my Jetlasers 800mw 532nm PL-E Pro today. Let me just say that I'm impressed. Everything works perfectly and came in perfect condition, and they even sent me a free beam expander with the unit. I popped in a fresh 26650 battery and measured the output at around 852mw average with a peak of...
  13. Razako

    Jetlasers 465nm 3.5W PL-E pro Pics and Video

    Hi all, I recently got this amazing laser from hakzaw1 as part of his Jetlaser GB. Today I finally found the time to take and post these pics and video. As usual for Jetlasers, everything about this laser works perfectly. Quality machining, threads, feels sturdy, batteries fit well, buttons...
  14. Razako

    Ordered a 532nm 800mw PL-E from Jetlasers

    Hoping I get really lucky and receive one that peaks near or over 1000mw. Won't be too disappointed if it doesn't though. This is the laser that will complete my collection as far as I'm concerned. My aging 532nm collection was the last part that needed upgrading. Short of 488nm diodes...
  15. Razako

    Laserbee LPM help

    Unfortunately I got a little hotmelt clue on the sensor of my LPM and it pulled the black paint off the sensor. No other damage was done. Can I just put more generic black spray paint on the sensor, or does it need to be some special type?
  16. Razako

    Good telescopes to buy

    Ok, so I'm a total noob when it comes to telescopes. (think those people who come on here asking about what lasers are good to buy). I was wondering if those $150ish telescopes on Ebay are actually worth a crap, or if they're a waste of money. Not looking for an amazing telescope. I just want...
  17. Razako

    Razakos Collection

    I finally found the motivation to unpack everything, line em up and get some photos. Here is my entire collection of noteworthy lasers. In addition to these, I have about $200 worth of random ebay/DX/Kaidomain lasers. I probably won't be posting them as I'm sure we all have tons of those...
  18. Razako

    Added a new wavelength to my collection

    I've acquired a new LillyElectronics 100mw 671nm DPSS RED lab laser. I mostly got this for wavelength collection purposes, as red DPSS is extremely uncommon. I have a little buyers remorse because I don't know what exactly I'm gonna use this for, but I'm sure I'll think of something cool to do...
  19. Razako

    Lazerer 638nm 200mW Single Mode Laser pointer review

    Usually I review big and scary lasers, but that doesn't mean I have no appreciation for the simpler things in this hobby. I had been wanting a single mode 638nm for a while(the class IV units are nice, but they're huge and the beam profile is simply awful) and was torn between Lazerer and a...
  20. Razako

    Sanwu Silver Series 639nm Triple Beam Laser Review

    Hey all, I've got quite the interesting laser to review today. We've all seen the usual 638nm stuff, but this laser is something out of the ordinary. I already had a few high powered red lasers, but something about this one was irresistible to try out. Link...