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    cheap Chinese ebay LPMs vs Coherent LaserCheck vs LaserBee

    I have a team-shared Coherent Field Mate PM10 (which is great, but is not always available), and a personal LaserBee recommended here . The latter was $200 and worked for 488, 532 and 633 at 200 mW, but could not probe a 730nm beam at 16 mW. The 730 nm beam is what I am after now. The...
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    gel color filters for DIY safety glasses

    Hi all, the following is, obviously, a do-at-your-own-risk idea, but for DIYers like myself who are not willing to pay $100 for certified laser safety glasses, I found that one can find interesting options on the Lee Filters web site, and cut the film to shape of regular wrap-around clear...
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    Suggestions for a power meter?

    Hi all, I've been using high-end power meters for many years (Coherent mostly, $1.5K+), but I believe now there must be considerable competition from our friends over in China. Any recommendations for a low-cost power meter for relative measurements that would last 2-3 years? The wavelengths I...
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    Driver for this 2W 735 nm diode?

    Hi all, I got myself a 9 mm can emitter at 735 nm... it's still a relatively exotic WL, I guess, as a search for 735 yielded 0 results! :) I could not get it as a module for cheap: a turnkey one from coherent etc would be several K. So I got just the can, and I would like to drive it with a...
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    continuous duty, diode vs DPSS from laserlands

    Hi all again, This is a follow-up of my post 2 days ago on a continuous duty (16 hrs non-stop) 1 W+ 532 for lab work. I got some good suggestions from folks here, and I am considering buying from laserlands. I wonder if folks here have experience with their 200+ mW DPSS and 'dot' modules (2x...
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    Continuous duty, reliable 2000 mW

    Hi all, I am on the market for a reliable (~5,000 hrs+), continuous duty 1000+ mW 532 nm module, beam quality/stability does not matter as long as it is stable to within ~ 1 mm at a distance of ~1 m. This is for "bleaching" glass substrates for ~12 hours at a time. I can run water cooling, if...