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  1. Rivem

    PSA: Now's the time to buy things from China

    Just a general FYI. 11/11 is the biggest Chinese shopping holiday that we really don't see much of in the western world. Good time to get good deals if you guys need anything from over there. I'm going to order some electronic components and little tools.
  2. Rivem

    FS: Custom Laser Labels Available Again!

    EDIT: Sorry for the long wait! Feeling for another batch. As promised in this thread: http://laserpointerforums.com/f55/feeler-custom-laser-labels-100731.html I've got some custom laser labels to sell. Here are some photos of what we're looking at: Links for higher quality...
  3. Rivem

    First day of Fall!

    Happy Autumn Equinox! Fall officially starts in a few hours. :) We just had a cold snap over here to make it seem official.
  4. Rivem

    Anybody had New Mexico green chile?

    I live in southern Colorado, but my family is from New Mexico. I also live in NM part-time. In a lot of southwest towns around here, you can always tell when fall is here because of the smell of roasting green chile. It's a very important ingredient to all our local food, but it's still...
  5. Rivem

    Has anybody messed with the new 2.5W G85 yet?

    The ML562G85 came out to us earlier this year, and a few of you posted about it. I know it's a dual emitter multimode diode, but has anybody at least tried to work with one yet? I keep seeing them pop up at fairly reasonable prices, so I figured somebody may have snagged one. Even laserlands...
  6. Rivem

    Feeler: Custom Laser Labels

    It's come to my attention that custom laser labels are of interest here. I have high end printers I can use to print very nice full color labels, and I was wondering if anybody would have an interest in me printing some. I'd want an initial run of at least 30 stickers or so on one medium...
  7. Rivem

    FS: Tunable Argon Laser Head

    I've got an Ion Laser Technology 5425ASL-00C laser head that I picked up at an auction last year. It was supposed to be in a lot with the PSU and controller, but the auctioneer 'lost' the rest of the lot.:mad: No idea if this head works or not, but it's in very good shape. It definitely can...
  8. Rivem

    Favorite consumer laser applications?

    Hey guys, I was just thinking about the common products we see using lasers, and it seems like there's been a big shift. For the last few decades, the most common laser products on the market have been optical media devices (laserdisc, cd, dvd, blu-ray, etc), but it seems that they are really...
  9. Rivem

    Ces 2017!

    Today is the official day 1 of CES, and we've already seen some cool tech. CES is always an interesting event to follow for me since we see a lot of different paths technology can take in the coming years. Not everything seen there even makes it into consumer popularity. I was actually...
  10. Rivem

    I'm back! How's it been going?

    Hey guys, I've officially finished my semester today, and some of you may have noticed that I've posted a bit in the last week due to a fairly empty finals schedule. For the last few months, it's really just been a bunch of nonstop schoolwork as I inch closer to becoming a pro EE. Not the most...
  11. Rivem

    Did anybody watch the Perseid meteor shower?

    I wasn't planning to, but I changed my mind after hearing about the increased activity holding up to predictions. I decided to join some of the more hardcore members of my astronomy club at one of our dark sky sites, and it was honestly one of the best showers I've seen. Spent a near all-nighter...
  12. Rivem

    Rivem's Collection

    Since I suggested it I'll start by reserving the first spot. Will add photos and descriptions tonight. Edit: This list is really in need of a dire update, so I'll have to do that soon. REMODELING
  13. Rivem

    Could we have a "Member Collections" section?

    I think a section where we can have threads sharing our laser collections would be good. If possible, members could be limited to a single thread in the section. It'd be cool to have a place where we could have looks at the lasers we see in signatures without having to make a whole bunch of...
  14. Rivem

    Recommendations on a good source for 532nm modules?

    I'm going to be ordering some modules for some builds, and I was planning an order from DX. I figured I'd see if anybody had better recommendations first. I'd really like for some decent quality modules that will last when run around 120-150 mW. Edit: A source on IR filters would be much...
  15. Rivem

    My first experience with 520nm (and mech mods)

    Thanks to Ricker, I got my first direct diode green laser today. I've been around lasers in the lab/educational seting, but I'd never seen the green or 462-470nm blue diodes before. First impression of it is that it seems to be pretty close to the green of a stoplight. Seems more pure green...
  16. Rivem

    My DIY Repair of a 2.5W LaserBee USB LPM *SUCCESS*

    EDIT: Success! Wasn't really planning to get a laser power meter any time soon, but the project seemed intriguing and was a good deal. It panned out, and now I've saved a lot on an LPM that should suit my needs well. :D For the details on the repair, there were three problems I had to fix: 1...
  17. Rivem

    Has anybody experimented with the 10W+ IR diodes?

    I've seen some c-mount, f-mount, and rarely a TO-9 808nm diodes with claims of 10W power levels. They're single emitter and not the FAP/arrays we've seen on the forum. I'm not sure they're legitimate, but they've got a price tag like they are. I'm sure they're intended for high power DPSS...
  18. Rivem

    I'm looking for input on host designs.

    Edit: See my recent post for another question. I'll be starting on some host designs in the next few weeks, so I figured I'd ask for some input from the community before starting. Keep in mind this would be a prefabricated host and not a made to order custom host. Here are the questions...
  19. Rivem

    The Sci-Fi lasers main sponsor section is gone!

    Just noticed it. Hopefully we can get some new site sponsors soon. Who would you like to see an entire forum section dedicated to? Edit: I'd personally like to see a bigger sponsor that can always deliver even though there are some very nice smaller sponsors that are more active here. Maybe...
  20. Rivem

    Don't mention or request the Paypal F&F option in your posts.

    Edit: It's the Friends and Family option. Edit 2: This suggestion is NOT ABOUT BEING SCAMMED (another very legitimate risk with this option). It's about trying not to upset a temperamental company that that we depend upon. You can risk your own money if you want. We're already in hot water with...