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  1. Garoq

    ANTIFA Likely Permanently Blinded Federal Officers With Lasers, Officials Say

    We don't need this kind of publicity... DHS/CBP Press Conference 7/21/20 I hope the officers didn't sustain permanent eye injury.
  2. Garoq

    SALE on the Survival Laser SL-GXPB 1.1W 520nm Laser

    We're running a sale on the Survival Laser 520nm GREEN 1.1 watt SL-GXPB laser kit! Only $299.99 (normally $449.99). Available to our international customers only due to US regulations. This is our best and brightest laser design with the tightest beam using the NDG7475 diode. 1.1W +/- 100mW...
  3. Garoq

    Survival Laser/Eagle Pair Goggles Video Review!

    Styropyro/Drake Anthony posted an excellent and detailed review of our Eagle Pair goggles on YouTube: Thanks, Drake!!
  4. Garoq

    Survival Laser Cyber Monday 2017 Sale

    CYBER MONDAY SALE IN PROGRESS!! Receive a 20% discount off all Survival Laser products using the coupon code "CYBER2017" on both the U.S and international stores. Sale runs through Tuesday 11/28/17. As always, thank you for your support of Survival Laser!!
  5. Garoq

    Survival Laser Labor Day Weekend SALE!!

    Though starting a bit late, we are running our first ever Labor Day Weekend Sale! Use coupon code "LABORDAY" to get 20% off any SL products on the U.S. AND international stores. The sale will run through 9/6 at midnight Mountain Time. Thanks for your support!
  6. Garoq

    Survival Laser July 4th Weekend SALE!!

    We are running our first ever July 4th Weekend Sale! Use coupon code "JULY4" to get 20% off any SL products on the U.S. AND international stores. The sale will run through 7/5 at midnight Mountain Time. Thanks for your support! :)
  7. Garoq

    Survival Laser Open Thread

    Hi Fellow LPF Members, My name is Gary Rosenfield, and my wife Lorraine and I own and operate Survival Laser, Inc., a Utah, USA-based company selling electronic components, host hardware, flashlights, optics, safety products, batteries, tools and accessories to the laser hobbyist community...
  8. Garoq

    New at Survival Laser

    Just a quick update that we have added a few new items to the SL stores. First, we have included a 1.1A to 1.8A current range option for our popular Survival Laser Adjustable Current Driver. The SD-3 driver is now sold in three output current ranges (approximately 400mA to 1.1A, 1.1A to 1.8A...
  9. Garoq

    New Lower Prices on the Survival Laser International Store

    We have reduced most prices on our lasers for our international customers on the Survival Laser international store: Blue lasers SL-1 1.1W 445nm: $99.99 SL-1.4 1.4W 445nm: $109.99 SL-IISE 2.2W 445nm: $169.99 SL-III 2.8W 445nm: $199.99 SL-A 2.1W 462nm: $299.99 SL-5 4.5W 445nm: $339.99 SL-7 6.5W...
  10. Garoq

    Eagle Pair 190-540nm OD6+ Laser Safety Goggles Now Available on the SL Stores

    Eagle Pair has discontinued the popular OD4+ 190-540nm slip over goggles and has replaced them with an OD6+ version. These will provide an extra level of protection for those high power builds! The standard 190-540nm goggles are still OD4+ for now, but apparently they will soon be offered in...
  11. Garoq

    Driver and Pill Modules With Customer-Specified Current Now Available From SL

    Customers can now specify their driver current with our SL-DPM3L & SL-DPM3H adjustable current driver and pill modules. Different current settings have been previously requested a number of times for these modules and I have had to work around the process until now, but the stores have been...
  12. Garoq

    Postage Price Increase Notice

    To all our customers, please note that the United States Postal Service (USPS) has recently raised their postage fees significantly, in some cases more than double, and we regret that we must pass this cost on to our customers. However, we are still offering free First Class or Priority Mail...
  13. Garoq

    AW Brand Batteries, More New Items at Survival Laser

    Happy New Year everyone! :beer: Going into 2016 we have a number of new items that will be available on the stores. First, with Lighthound closing shop earlier this year we figured there would be a need for another AW brand batteries dealer, which are arguably the best batteries available for...
  14. Garoq

    Survival Laser Black Friday - Cyber Monday 20% Off Sale

    SURVIVAL LASER BLACK FRIDAY - CYBER MONDAY 20% OFF SALE STARTS TODAY!! USE COUPON CODE BLACKCYBER NOW! FREE First Class or Priority mail shipping on all US orders over $100 net!! Note: Orders received between 11/23 and 11/29 will be shipped from 11/30 through 12/4 due to the Thanksgiving holiday.
  15. Garoq

    7W+ Survival Laser S4X Host w/NUBM44 diode and 4.5A SXD Tutorial

    As promised, this is a tutorial on how to use the new Survival Laser S4X host in a build with the NUBM44 diode and Lazeerer's SXD rectangular driver set at 4.5A. This driver requires heatsinking and will be used with our new driver heat sink pill in this build. First, gather the necessary...
  16. Garoq

    The Survival Laser S4X Host is Now Available!

    The new Survival Laser S4X™ host assembly is now available from the Survival Laser International and Survival Laser USA stores, starting at $49.99 each. The S4X is the big brother to our original S4™ host. This massive host accepts 2 X 18650 batteries and uses the same heat sinks and driver...
  17. Garoq

    BlitzBuck V5 and Blitz Linear Driver SALE!!

    BlitzBuck V5 and Blitz linear drivers are on sale on the Survival Laser stores for $15.99, use the 10% off LPF445 discount code at checkout and your final price is only $14.39 each! And, our BlitzBuck V5 drivers are shipped with 26 gauge silicone insulated wires pre-attached!
  18. Garoq

    BlitzBucks Back and More on Survival Laser!

    We now have BlitzBuck adjustable drivers back on the Survival Laser stores, in a V5 design! The BlitzBuck is an original design by Wolfman29 and has long been popular with LPF members. The BBV5 has been redesigned with the components moved away from the edge of the board to eliminate any...
  19. Garoq

    Green Anodized Extended Length Focusing Rings Now at Survival Laser

    Available now on the international and U.S. stores!
  20. Garoq

    General Atomics: Third-Gen Electric Laser Weapon Now Ready

    Something of interest (to me at least). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fiber_laser