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  1. Moe Ron

    SOLD ! 1 WATT 445nm in an Ehgemus host $100 CONUS

    Greetings, I have a gently used 1 watt 445nm in an Ehgemus host laser, w/adjustable focus, G2 lens. Uses the M140 diode pressed into the host, so the entire host is the heatsink. Comes in a very nice home made case w/2x26500 batteries. Here's a few pics.... Asking price for...
  2. Moe Ron

    SOLD !! , 2.8w 445nm C11, Prairie Fire w/side clicky, $130 CONUS

    THIS BUILD HAS BEEN SOLD !!! Greetings This laser has less than 5 minutes of runtime, uses a NDB7875 diode from dtr, SXD driver set at 2.3a, G2 lens, 2x18350 batteries and charger. This is a C11 host, and unlike many others uses a side clicky and not an endcap switch. You will need to...
  3. Moe Ron

    LPM stopped working...

    Greetings, I have a 3.7w LaserBee LPM, and for some reason has stopped working. The Thermopile and wiring are looking good, nothing physical wrong with it. Loads the com port properly, everything normal at this point, hit run then get no signal lower left and nothing else. No reading. Any...
  4. Moe Ron

    SOLD !! 4w+ NDB7A75, MX900 host, $250 shipped

    Greetings, I have a new build using the NDB7A75 3.5w diode in a bronze MX900 host. Uses custom 4 mode driver with medium, high, low and strobe with high mode set @4amps. Currently has G2 lens but can put a 3 element in if wanted. The duty cycle is 1 minute, recommended. Uses 2x26650 or with...
  5. Moe Ron

    Please delete, duplicate thread

    PLEASE DISREGARD THIS THREAD, DUPLICATE. Please click here for correct thread Moderator, please remove this thread. Greetings, I have a new build using the NDB7A75 3.5w diode in a bronze MX900 host. Uses custom 4 mode driver with medium, high, low and strobe with high mode set @4amps...
  6. Moe Ron

    New Custom Ehgemus Host

    Greetings, I have been wanting for quite some time now to have a host made to accommodate my 10x beam expander. While I did have some adapters made up to allow me to connect it to any laser using a G type lens, it doesn't look very good and I have to hold it in place to keep it centered and...
  7. Moe Ron

    SOLD !!, Scorcher Jr. 3w 445nm custom

    UPDATE: This build has been sold !! Greetings, Now available, Scorcher Jr. custom 445nm build using an MX900 host. Using the 9mm NDB7875 diode from DTR, adjustable focus uses G2 lens, and power is 5 mode driver set at 2.5a. Takes 2x26650, or with supplied adapter sleeves, 2x18650 batteries...
  8. Moe Ron

    WTB, Cree C11 pill w/contact board.

    Greetings, Looking for a Cree C11 pill insert with contact board and leads. Any help is greatly appreciated. Here's a pic of one for a C8, the C11 is slightly larger. cheers, Moe
  9. Moe Ron

    Just a few laser meets winter blast shots

    Greetings, Thought I'd take a few shots of the snow....... I do not have that good of a camera, so the pics are not the best quality, sorry. cheers, Moe
  10. Moe Ron

    SOLD !! " The Beacon " 1.8w 445nm, $100

    UPDATE: Build has been sold !! Greetings, I have a 1.8w build I got from rhd some time ago, and while it is a sweet build, it has almost no runtime on it. I hate to part with it, but I am sure will be a good inexpensive, yet powerful build for someone. It uses an M140 diode with driver at...
  11. Moe Ron

    New 3.5w diode at work

    Greetings, This is a new build using the NDB7A75 diode in one of my Scorcher builds. I am using a 4 mode driver set at 3.9a with the 1st mode being 50% and 2nd 100%. It runs a little over 3w on mode 1 and just at 6w for mode 2. I have a custom host I am hoping will arrive tomorrow with a...
  12. Moe Ron

    C8 Flashlight/host $5.50

    Greetings, Ran across these C8's while searching for deals and such, Tactical 300LM CREE Q5 LED C8 Portable Flashlight 18650 Torch Lamp 5 Mode | eBay. Thought I would share for those who like using this host. I ordered a few, took 13 days to arrive, and all are just fine. cheers, Moe
  13. Moe Ron

    SOLD !! 3w+ w/strobe $150 CONUS

    UPDATE:This build has been sold !! Greetings, Just finished this build using a zerolaser host, 9mm 445nm diode from DTR, and G9 lens pulled from the diode. Uses 2x18650 batteries, duty cycle is 60 seconds. Does NOT come with safety glasses, batteries or charger. You should have, or get good...
  14. Moe Ron

    SOLD C8 RT Build 2.7w $150 shipped CONUS

    This build has been sold !! Greetings, I have an C8 RT build I put together many months ago, and have not used it too may times. The build uses a 9mm 445nm diode with 4 mode driver, 100%, 50%, 5%, strobe. Can use 2x18650 with extension tube, or 2x18350 without. The price $150, includes...
  15. Moe Ron

    Scorcher & The Scorcher Jr. 445nm 3.4w+ w/strobe

    SOLD OUT !! The Scorcher & The Scorcher Jr. 445nm 3.4w+ w/strobe UPDATE: Currently sold out. Check the end of the sales thread for updates. Greetings, Recently finished this build I call "The Scorcher" using an Cree MX900 host with custom made heatsink from Mrcrouse, diode module from DTR...
  16. Moe Ron

    New 20w+ 445nm handheld coming soon....

    Greetings, Was just talking to my good friend Rick Trent and he has already gone passed the R&D and going to move into production of a 10 diode host. This is designed such that you can start with as many as 10 modules at a time or just one. You can add a module as you can afford it. Rick has...
  17. Moe Ron

    Wicked beam expander

    Greetings, Before people slam me for mentioning anything about wicked, I just wanted to mention they have a new beam expander that looks like it may be pretty interesting. One where you can focus to a pinpoint at almost any distance. If it actually works as advertised it would make a cool...
  18. Moe Ron

    WTB Heat sink for MX900 host

    Greetings, I am looking for a heat sink that will nicely fit into the Cree MX900 Host. I have not seen many builds using that host and would like to find one or have something machined. Whether in aluminum or copper, though copper would be nice, if there is anybody out there that can machine...
  19. Moe Ron

    WTS LaserBee A 2w LPM SOLD !

    Update: SOLD ! Greetings, I have a 2w LaserBee A LPM and since I have a new 3.7w LaserBee I no longer will be needing this LPM. It is around 1yr old and lasers I tested when I first got the unit still test at the same readings. It is a great LPM for lasers <2w. I would like to ask $85 with...
  20. Moe Ron

    WTB 2.5w to 2.9w 445nm

    Greetings, I am looking for a 2.5w and up 445nm preferably using 18650 or 26650 batteries. Send me a PM if you have one you would like to sell. Thanks, Moe