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  1. rpaloalto

    FS: 13096 host Complete Build Kit

    Thanks Jeff, I love this host! Good job for fixing my 405nm great work.
  2. rpaloalto

    CLOSED - Secret Santa 2012!

    Still waiting on my gift. My Santa must have instructed one of his elves to deliver my gift. I think little guy might be walking form the North Pole.
  3. rpaloalto

    CLOSED - Secret Santa 2012!

    Hope my recipient gets their stuff soon. Lets all just keep posting here when we get our gifts. I want to here what he or she thinks:)
  4. rpaloalto

    CLOSED - Secret Santa 2012!

    Re: Signup/Need Address - Secret Santa 2012! It's almost time, I'm geting excited:)
  5. rpaloalto

    For sale 2 Hosts for green module

    Sorry guys, but these items are long gone.
  6. rpaloalto


    Woman buys fake ipad for $200. LOL she deserve to loose her money ''stollen property''
  7. rpaloalto

    sad newz to report

    Thats horrible he lost his wife, sorry:(
  8. rpaloalto


    No white house for you
  9. rpaloalto

    Dogs and pointers!

    This little doberman and kid video, has been making me laugh for years. I think you have less dogs chasing lasers, because they learn really quick. That the little dot of light is impossible to ever really get. I'm a cat person, I love my cats. I have a hard time even using my lasers around...
  10. rpaloalto

    CLOSED - Secret Santa 2012!

    Re: Signup - Secret Santa 2012! Last year was fun. You can count me in :)
  11. rpaloalto

    Win thread

    GoPro Camera and hot bodies at Burning man 2012 ?v=Ea3RAkGqYC8
  12. rpaloalto

    Donating to LPF

    Just did a small donation. It's been some time since I last gave:( Anyway, Thanks for your time and effort that you have donated over the years...
  13. rpaloalto

    Lamb Of God.

    ??? It takes time to put a case together. If the police or DA suspect a individual. They need to gather evidence, talk to witnesses, get reports from Doctors. Then they need to present it all this to a judge. To top it off the suspect is not even a citizen of the country it happened in. If Randy...
  14. rpaloalto

    The REAL Kryton GB round #3. Taking payments now.

    I wonder if Kenom is doing ok? His last post was 5/2 I hope he is not waiting for 2012 tax return:(
  15. rpaloalto

    Jetl GB#7 is CLOSED all pymts in all funds sent to Gray

    Thats how I came to know that site also. It was when Jeff ''flaminpyro'' was perma banned. I like his services and value his friendship. So I followed him. I understand what len did was wrong but to be perma banned is a little harsh. We cant keep loosing our knowledge base:yabbem:
  16. rpaloalto

    Ok this has gone too far - JLSE/WANNABURN

    The thread in the vet section is more then a few months old. I thought the problem would have been worked out by now:( Wannaburn has been here at LPF for some time. I'm sure he has no intentions of ripping anyone off. Miscommunications, and busy life styles, are probably the only thing to...
  17. rpaloalto

    Sandusky found GUILTY

    I was shocked that the let him free on bail during the trial. I thought for sure at some point, especially in the past 2 days, that he would have taken his own life. I'm glad he is a coward and missed his chance to end his life, the easy way. Now he can suffer in prison. I also hope is ignorant...
  18. rpaloalto

    Sandusky found GUILTY

    LOL only took the jury 24 hours to find this monster guilty. Hope he gets butt raped in prison. Jury finds Jerry Sandusky guilty on dozens of child sex abuse charges - CNN.com
  19. rpaloalto

    More Craptastic batteries

    Agreed for 18650 cells stick with name brand LG, Sanyo, Panasonic. For other size cells 14500, 10440, rcr123 cr2, I go with lighthound.com They have been around for some time and have good reputation here at LPF and CPF. link Li-Ion Unprotected Batteries
  20. rpaloalto

    Just got my first apple product, now I need apps

    I can see the benefits of jail breaking a iPhone. You can get your in contract iphone unlocked for use on a different GSM career. ATT will now do this for you as soon as your out of contract. But what benefits does one get from jailbreaking a ipad, other then to steal apps? Piracy of iOS apps...