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  1. Jeffrey T

    Now The Pope's Plane Gets Hit with a Laser....

    This is bad....REALLY bad for all of us :( Pope's plane reports laser flash -jeff
  2. Jeffrey T

    New Fenix E15 (2016 edition)

    I had recent urge to buy a new flashlight to add to my collection, since I recently gave one of my new lights to my daughter. I've had the 170 lumen version of the twisty Fenix E15 for a couple of years, and decided to get the just-released 2016 edition. What a fantastic little light!! :D...
  3. Jeffrey T

    Hi GSS, That's cool about the lights - funny how they can draw us in! There's a guy that lives...

    Hi GSS, That's cool about the lights - funny how they can draw us in! There's a guy that lives a few miles from me that has a working stoplight in his yard. He probably bough it off of ebay or something and then wired some kind of control to it so that it would change every so often. It's...
  4. Jeffrey T

    Name changes to Isaac Clarke

    Hey Isaac Clarke - three quick things: 1) I like the name change, and the reasoning behind it! 2) Glad to hear that the profile pic stays! 3) Thanks for all that you do around here - you help make this a great place! -jeff
  5. Jeffrey T

    Documented Pilot Injury

    Wow LSRFAQ....I had thought about that, and apparently neither did the authors of the article / analysis. Very good (and interesting) info! -jeff
  6. Jeffrey T

    Reputation System Discussion and Poll

    Re: Spreading the love .... NOT!!!!! I saw that happen to a couple people, and it confounded me. If you start a new post on an old subject, you get a spanking for not using the search function, but if you add to an old post on the subject, you get a spanking for necroposting? I don't know the...
  7. Jeffrey T

    Documented Pilot Injury

    I hear ya! I was chatting with someone recently, and mentioned that I actually can understand accidentally, quickly hitting a high-altitude airplane in some cases. I know.....this sounds terrible. But, some airplanes at very high altitude cannot be heard, are nearly indistinguishable from...
  8. Jeffrey T

    New FDA Laser Pointer Safety Video

    ROFL - You guys crack me up! :crackup: Hey, you both have enough lasers already - it's the new peeps like me that only have one or two that need to be on the receiving end of that equation! lol
  9. Jeffrey T

    New FDA Laser Pointer Safety Video

    I'm sure many of you have seen this, but I didn't see it posted here anywhere. Not sure I wanted to post it, as it says some things that I don't like....(2:32) :scowl: -jeff
  10. Jeffrey T

    Documented Pilot Injury

    Wow this sucks! We don't need this type of negative exposure. But...it is indeed interesting to read. No matter what happened, I'm glad that the pilot had no permanent damage.
  11. Jeffrey T

    Hi All

    Welcome! Get ready to learn a lot, have fun, and.....develop a strange new addiction! :D -jeff
  12. Jeffrey T


    Welcome! I'm still a newb myself, but let me tell ya'.....there's a great bunch of fun and very knowledgeable people hanging out here! -jeff
  13. Jeffrey T

    Hello From Other Side :)

    Welcome! I've always wanted to go further north from Michigan and into Northern Canada (I love cold weather and winters here are only 4 months)! It sounds like many of these solutions are going to be short-term, ongoing, and frustrating. Around here, people typically use one of two options...
  14. Jeffrey T


    Welcome! :D
  15. Jeffrey T

    Is a beam possible with <5mW of 405nm?

    Looks great Alex - Congrats and thanks for posting the pics! That's a beautiful color :beer: What's your best guess on how many mW of 405 you need before you start seeing the beam in a fogless, average outdoor, nigh time environment? I only ask b/c I like to show off my lasers (and don't have a...
  16. Jeffrey T

    I better....

    Congrats on finally getting it Alex! :beer: Looking fwd to seeing a photo or two. Thinking that a 405nm may be my next purchase :) -jeff
  17. Jeffrey T


    Hi McKaela! Welcome and great intro! Btw, regarding your Star Wars remark, I actually refer to my 1W 445nm as my "real life light sabre". It's gets people even more interested in seeing it :D
  18. Jeffrey T

    I better....

    Thanks Pman, I really appreciate that! I hadn't bought 16340's in a while and wondered why they showed over half charged right into the charger :) I actually got my stuff a few weeks ago. I was horribly anxious about putting the batteries in the wrong way, and obsessively read the instructions...
  19. Jeffrey T

    Pen Laser Thread

    I know what you mean about the tailcap safety switch. I was very happy to get the optional "always on" cap with mine too, but don't use it either. The only way you can keep the button from being pressed down while the case is shut, is to face the button into the cutout, which then does make it...
  20. Jeffrey T

    Laser Pointer Battery Question

    Good news is, that your current battery charger will most likely work great charging your new 16340, since they are both the same chemistry and 99.9% of current chargers that charge one of these sizes will also charge the other. :D