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  1. The Baron

    I need a cheap throwy light for working in a summer camp

    Hey guys, im back. I need a recommendation for an 18650 light for use in absolute darkness in the sierras. I can only spend around twenty dollars, because i need to buy some 18650s and a charger too. Im completely lost looking for a light and i need some recomendations. if you have one that you...
  2. The Baron

    Jayrob Maglite Host for sale!

    Jayrob Maglite Host! - Imgur This build includes: a polished HUGE heatsink, a FlexmodP3 driver, a machined tailcap to accommodate protected cells, and the protected 32650 cells! :wave: Asking $75 for everything including fees and shipping! :thanks:
  3. The Baron

    1800mW C6 M-140 Build For Sale!

    M-140 C6 build for sale! - Imgur I have it metered at over 1.8W. Black anodized HS/FA, Copper Module, 2xIMR16340 batteries, charger, holster. Everything you need to get started is included (except for protection!) THIS IS NOW SOLD!
  4. The Baron

    Suppert for the [/SPOILER] tags?

    I just tried to use the spoiler tags and it didnt seem to work. is there any chance we can see this get implemented into the forum? :thanks: EDIT: where was this moved to/from? I thought i posted it here...
  5. The Baron

    Any love for mechanical keyboards?

    Hey guys, I am new to the mechanical keyboard scene but i am here for the long run. Typing before was just something that i never thought about, just did. Now, i look forward to when i have to type just because i love clicking my keys asdfhasdfhiausdfh;. OH IT FEELS SO GOOD. I have Cherry MX...
  6. The Baron

    Baron's Garage Sale

    Hey guys, I AM NOW MOVING and i need to sell off some of my stuff in the next week. There are some pics from my Black Hero 3. Every laser's power was verified with the LPM. I'm just going to link to the imgur album because of the ultra high resolutions. Here: Baron's Garage Sale - Imgur...
  7. The Baron

    So I was at sailing practice

    And I took this picture before we launched the boats. I thought you guys might appreciate this picture! :beer: Those boats are called lasers. I normally sail in CFJs (the boats towards the left with only the jib up), but i MUCH prefer sailing in lasers. Too bad I don't own one, I just have to...
  8. The Baron

    Round bucker for a c6 pill?

    Hey all, I am trying to find a round driver(buck) that I can use in a c6 pill stable enough for my PL450. I am thinking a blitzbuck would be good but I can't find them anywhere for 250mA. Can you point me in the right direction? thanks!
  9. The Baron

    Very annoying heat problem

    Hey, i have a jayrob maglite build that has been having some problems. It is an M-140 that I got from Rocket689 with a FlexmodP3 set at 1.75A. First, when I got the diode, it had a crack in the window, causing it to have 2 beams. it worked like a champ though and would stay bright for minutes on...
  10. The Baron

    neutral wire on my diode?

    Hey there, i am playing around with my S06J(I have yet to get its host so far) and i have no idea what the white(neutral?) wire is for. Can you guys tell me?
  11. The Baron

    FlexmodP3 with an S06J?

    Hey all, I was wondering if this driver would be safe enough to power an S06J at 500mA. Is it?
  12. The Baron

    I need a pin repaired

    Hello, I am looking to see if somebody can repair a pin on an A-140 diode for me? How much would I be looking to spend here?
  13. The Baron

    Anyone in orange county with an LPM?

    Hello, I want to get my laser LPM'd in a week or so. Is there anybody in orange county(specifically Newport Beach) that would be willing to do an LPM for me?
  14. The Baron

    Best Host for a 405 build?

    I'm looking to build a 405 build and I am looking into some hosts. I was going to go with the stainless survivallaser build, but that host looks kind of "eh". I want a really cool host. Do you guys have any suggestions?
  15. The Baron

    Selling my powerful 445 Maglite build! $250

    Hello, i have finished building my maglite build and i am ready to start another :) I just need to sell it first. It has a flexmodP3 driver set at 1.75A. M-140 Diode. I will be accepting paypal. my skype is yahnbaron so i can show you a video of it in action :) The color of the host is a dark...
  16. The Baron

    Oh My God......

  17. The Baron

    Most Powerful (reasonably)Portable Flashlight?

    Hello, I was just wondering: what is the most powerful flashlight you can get in a host not much bigger than a Maglite?
  18. The Baron

    Hi from southern California!

    Hello, my name is Baron and I am from southern California. I like to go sailing a from time to time and I am fascinated with lasers. I am just joining now after a long time of browsing through the forum and emailing jayrob :wave: I have tried to buy a laser before, and that ended horribly. It...
  19. The Baron

    What kind of output can i expect?

    Hello, i have been browsing the forum for a long time and i finally decided that i am going to build my laser! i am going to get an M-140 445nm diode and i just wanted to know what kind of output i can expect at 1.5A. Would it be around 1.8W? :umbrella: BTW, i know about the proper safety...