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  1. Jeffrey T

    Now The Pope's Plane Gets Hit with a Laser....

    This is bad....REALLY bad for all of us :( Pope's plane reports laser flash -jeff
  2. Jeffrey T

    New Fenix E15 (2016 edition)

    I had recent urge to buy a new flashlight to add to my collection, since I recently gave one of my new lights to my daughter. I've had the 170 lumen version of the twisty Fenix E15 for a couple of years, and decided to get the just-released 2016 edition. What a fantastic little light!! :D...
  3. Jeffrey T

    New FDA Laser Pointer Safety Video

    I'm sure many of you have seen this, but I didn't see it posted here anywhere. Not sure I wanted to post it, as it says some things that I don't like....(2:32) :scowl: -jeff
  4. Jeffrey T

    Excellent LaserBTB Experience

    Hello fellow laser lovers. I just wanted to let everyone know that my recent (and first) purchase from LaserBTB went even better than expected! I ordered a 50mW 532nm pointer and their 1W 445nm PL series unit. While I’d love to offer a full, detailed, and scientific review of the lasers...
  5. Jeffrey T

    Recent News & Question About Aircraft Distance

    A coworker just told me about this recent news article from elsewhere in Michigan (link below). In a nutshell, a police helicopter was tagged by a green laser, and the beam was traced by the helicopter to a couple walking along some railroad tracks in the next city. The couple was then...
  6. Jeffrey T

    Thanks! (from a newb in Michigan)

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to say "Thank You" for all of the great info that's shared here! I'm a fresh laser newb, and have been utilizing the Search function (like all newbs should lol), and it's great to have such a resource! A little background: I've been fascinated with lights, colored...