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  1. clif

    Cajunlasers going out of business sale

    Well folks, this is it. After long debating this, I've decided to close the store. Mainly due to my lack of time to run it properly, and desire to have more family time, as I work tons of overtime at my full time job. I want to thank everyone for the past 2+ years for all the support this...
  2. clif

    Cajunlasers.com 10% off for forum members

    10% off for any forum members at my store - just use the coupon code PF10 during checkout. :beer: Cajunlasers Store Also check out the $19.99 BlitzBuck V3 round 3 amp adjustable buck driver here.
  3. clif


    Hi everyone, I just wanted to pass this on, as my buddy Greg from Stonetek.org requested me to. Greg just recently got out from being hospitalized since July 30th, and certainly his store has accumulated tons of backed up orders between then and now. It's going to take him a little while to...
  4. clif

    PHR-805 405nm diodes, replace PHR-803t's

    Has anyone yet tried out the new 405nm diodes that are the replacements for the PHR-803t's? If not - I have. These litte buggers are nice, they come NOT in any heat sink, ready to press fit into an aixiz module. Greg at stonetek.org was kind enough to donate a few of these new diodes to me, and...