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    Maximize Nubm44 or any diode beam concentration

    Hey guys i m playing for almost a month with my Nubm44 laser but i m annoyed with my beam concentration from the very first moment... Seems like the furthest the beam goes the wider it gets... What kind of optics should i use to maximize the concentration of that beam? Atm i think my lens is...
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    New custom host NUBM44 build!

    Hey guys this is my new custom host and a NUBM44 inside! I used my Astral superdrive v inside on full current, about 4.8A and i attached a small heatsink on the ic... I have an issue though: After 6-7s the diode starts blinking... So i wonder if it 's an overheating problem of the driver or my...
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    Question about this driver

    Hey guys, i just received 3 of these drivers. http://kaidomain.com/P4000-20mm-5A-1-or-2-cell-3V-9V-6-Mode-Buck-Driver-Circuit-Board?search=P4000 I want to use them with NUBM44 but i want to make them work only in the max current... Is it possible to happen?
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    Laser driver and low current switch

    Hey guys, i m curious if there are drivers out there, high current, that have a built-in mosfet circuit to allow the usage of low current switches. I have enough quality drivers sitting on my self and waiting to be used but all of them need good switches too. On my first 4.7w build i used an...
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    Non anodised tailcap switches to buy

    I m preparing a couple of new hosts the upcoming days and at first i thought that i would also make custom tailcap switches. I didn't try yet but i think that buying the switches is easier. My problem is that I can't find non anodised ones... Any idea where to look for them?
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    How many Amps should a NUBM44 draw?

    Hey guys, in the photo i m uploading is the amps that this diode draw from my power supply... I thought that the NUBM44 should draw about 4.5 amps at 5.2V if i m not wrong.... Am i doing something wrong by measuring the current this way or maybe this diode is not NUBM44?
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    Ideas and instructions for custom tail cap - no switch

    Hey guys, after my first custom host with rear end tail cap switch i d like to make one with side push button latching switch. So i want my rear end to have a threaded cap but without a switch. Just a board and spring. How do you recommend to mount a blank battery board on a cap? By tight...
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    My custom host!

    Hey guys! I finished my first custom host attempt! I pretty pleased for a first time job! I m waiting for a driver to arrive and i will fit a green 1W diode inside!
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    Can lower than rated Amps hurt the diode?

    Hey guys, i want to use my NUGM02 1W+ attached on a tripod for taking leveling measurings in distance. That means it will have to stay on for about a minute some times. The recommended current of the seller is 1.7A max. It will sit on a custom host with, i believe, a serious amount of cooling...
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    Battery contact board

    Hey guys, i m about to make my own host and i m looking for a blank battery contact board like the one that survivallaser selĺs. I was about to buy from them but when i saw the shipping for Greece i almost had a heart attack... It was about 45usd shipping for 2 boards and 2 driver pills... Any...
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    My first blue Laser!

    Hey guys, this is my first attempt to build a "powerful" laser. The diode is a Nichia NUBM4B 4.7w, bought from techhood on Ebay. I m using a skyray led torch for the housing. Really spacious for a newbie like me to work! I m using an Astral superdrive V as a driver at 3.6A and G2 lenses. I...
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    My first 1w green laser... Which diode to use?

    Hey guys, after i completed my 4.7w blue laser with a NICHIA NUBM4B i want to build a less powerful 1w+ green laser... But i m confused which diode to buy... Do i have to find a powerful Ir diode that will use special lenses to produce the green colour or are there diodes that will give green...
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    Mosfet??? to prevent switch melting???

    Hey guys, on my way to build my first ~2W laser i decided to use the housing of my old skyray torch... Beast of a housing but for a newbie like me there's an issue. How to avoid melting instantly it 's tiny switch? Thanks too @Giannis_TDM , i m looking a way to pass the current through a mosfet...
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    Nice to be here guys! I m Alex!

    Hey guys, good to find you here! I m Alex and i decided to deal with this "hobby"! I was thinking about it a few years back, but i let it go even though i bought a diode, a driver that i think is not what i need and some copper... Now i m back and i decided to read and learn... I already ordered...