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  1. LaZeRz

    Paul walker reported dead after a car crash

    Actor Paul Walker killed in car crash "TMZ reports that the actor was in a Porsche when the driver somehow lost control and slammed into either a post or a tree before the car crashed and burst into flames." "It's understood that Walker and one other person who was travelling in the car were...
  2. LaZeRz

    DTR's Excellent Customer Service.

    I purchased two M-140 diodes a few weeks back and thought I should make a thread applauding DTR for his great customer service. I initially send DTR a message saying I would like two M-140 diodes, one for me and one for a friend so I would have to send him two separate payments. He promptly...
  3. LaZeRz

    Fix: Rep comment box on mobile.

    It seems like a few people are having issues when trying to write a comment in the reputation box on portable devices like tablets and phones. This isn't a permanent fix, rather a way to get around it. Type your comment in to the url bar And paste it in to the rep box. It isn't very convenient...
  4. LaZeRz

    De-annodized Hotlight!

    Hey guys, Decided to have a go at de-annodizing today and I'm quite pleased with the results :) After letting the hotlight sit in the solution for about 20 minutes, I took it out and slightly polished it with a scotchbrite pad. Pics: Feel free to comment!
  5. LaZeRz

    +35 Watt 830nm Laser head.

    LIMO 35 watt +, 830 nm Giant Laser Diode. **~~ Clearance. Business Closing~~~** | eBay <100 dollars before shipping.
  6. LaZeRz

    AU Dealextreme Warehouse

    Good news for those of us down under :) AU Warehouse Stocking - DealExtreme
  7. LaZeRz

    Help wiring a flyback transformer.

    Hey guys! I recently took apart a CRT and got a nice little flyback out of it :) I think im going to go with a ZVS driver for efficiency and im also going to have to find a rectifier for better arcs :) But, for starters, I need to know what the inputs and outputs are! I'm positive that the...
  8. LaZeRz

    Fiddy is the man!

    Great guy to deal with!, I've bought several things off him and every time he has shipped it ASAP and included some goodies :san: He's also very knowledgeable in the field of electronics (electronic engineer) and he has helped me with various things over MSN. He's also pretty fun to talk to :p...
  9. LaZeRz

    Tunable HeNe on ebay??

    PMS ELECTRO-OPTICS HELIUM NEON TUNABLE LASER | eBay I'm willing to bet 99% that this thing isn't in working condition but who knows? I thought Aryntha was in possession of the last tunable HeNe alive. Also, the seller has never sold anything before.
  10. LaZeRz

    Help-Repairing Audio Cable

    Hey guys, Let's start off, I was having a bit of a nurd-rage and I completely tore apart my headphone wires :/ Im just kidding, they got caught on my desk. I went to stand up after playing some competitive CoD and they got caught under my desk (long cable) and the actual wire ripped apart...
  11. LaZeRz

    CD DiffractiSpiro!

    Hey! Well, I was bored over the weekends so I started looking around for something interesting to do. Heres what I came up with. I remembered that CD's reflect 8 or so dots when you shine a laser at them so I broke a CD into pieces and stuck it onto a fan using Blu-tak since I wanted the...
  12. LaZeRz

    CPU Cooling Help.

    Hey guys, I recently installed a Thermaltake FRIO OCK cpu cooler on my pc and all was well, the computer would run at under 35 degrees Celcius when IDLE and never go over 70 degrees celcius under load. After a while, I wen't to boot my computer and it shut down while loading windows (I suspect...
  13. LaZeRz

    Collection of Beamshots and Other Laser Related Things.

    Macro's My fav pic :) DSLR:
  14. LaZeRz

    Post your: recently bought things!

    Hey guys! Just thought i'd make a thread like the one over at the OC computer forum :) So, post the things you have recently bought! Let me start... I wen't to jaycar and picked up some heatshrink, switches, a project box and binding posts with banana plugs :)
  15. LaZeRz

    Cheap Sanyo 18650's (2600mah)

    Found a source of cheap Sanyo 2600mah 18650's! :wave: $5.90 a pop and if you buy 10 you get them for $4.90 each, not bad :)
  16. LaZeRz

    Post Your: Unique Cars

    Hey, we recently got a 1973 merc 280ce and restoring it has been great fun :) Now, I would like to see some of your unique cars... and, they don't have to be from the 20th century :D Album- http://s1176.photobucket.com/albums/x325/GeorgeLPF/ The merc has under 100,000 miles on...
  17. LaZeRz

    Blue GITD tailcaps (silicone)

    Hey guys... Since quite a few people have been looking for blue GITD 14mm tailcap boots I thought I'd post a link :) Here ya go: http://crazy-sell.com/silicone-tailcap-for-flashlights-blue-10pack_p8887.html Fiddy bought some of these aswell but had to do a simple mod to get them more...
  18. LaZeRz

    [SOLD] iTunes card

    I have a $20 AUD iTunes gift card that I bought last year and I have no use for it since I don't purchase anything from iTunes anymore... Looking to get $13 dollars for it. If you would like to purchase it, shoot me a PM, or post below :) Will provide pics by request. Cheers :beer:
  19. LaZeRz

    $5 buck driver on ebay

    Hey guys, what do you think of this LM2596 DC Converter Adjustable Power Module Regulator | eBay Seems like a good driver for some large builds... Not too sure if it will be suitable for LD's but it looks promising.
  20. LaZeRz

    Severely cut my thumb

    Umm, as the title states... I was working with a stanly knife when it slipped and sliced a 1cm + deep slice in the bottom part of my thumb :( I washed it and tightly closed it with 2 band-aids... Any advice on what I should do? I dont want to lose a finger :eek: