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  1. Tmack

    FS: Custom 1x18650 or 2x18350 Titanium Hosts & Laser combining mount.

    Re: FS: 2 Custom 18650 Anodized Titanium Hosts & Laser beam combining mount. would you consider anodizing something of mine?? i have a flashlight host i need done in a bronze color.
  2. Tmack

    Angel breath:7.6W+ dual NBD7A75 fan cooled portable.(Pic heavy)

    wow. that twisted trim looks great. very impressed. mac is thinking what im thinking. laser rifle all the way man.
  3. Tmack

    Prices Dropped: C11 Side Clicky 1x18650 or2x18350 Host Kits

    hey mike. im going to need another c11, but i will need it completely anodized black. bezel, heatsink, and knurled adapter all black. if you could give me a price ill send it right over. thanks man.
  4. Tmack

    What lights do you have?

    i just built one of sinners titanium 18650 hosts. turned out very nice. xpg2 3a 2 mode. thing is one big hunk of titanium! also got a pd35vn xpl triple. really liking that one too. little long to edc, but that never stopped me before. the cri of the xpl are very very good. these are great new...
  5. Tmack

    How large of heatsink for 5 min duty cycle 1 Watt?

    hell yeah. throw a fan on that puppy and you should be at least at a runtime that will far exceed what you need.
  6. Tmack

    How large of heatsink for 5 min duty cycle 1 Watt?

    ive been getting good runtimes with the c11 hosts. but i wouldnt go to 5 min. these are 3.8 diodes. the smallest we use. 5 minutes is hard on a 9mm. not matter the heatsinking i wouldnt reccomend 5 minutes unless some kind of active cooling is involed. so maybe a lab setup is the best as you...
  7. Tmack

    How large of heatsink for 5 min duty cycle 1 Watt?

    a maglite will be more than enough. i sell maglite builds and one of my customers got a 8min run during testing at 2w with very minimal heat buildup. your going to need a good diode heatsink, but almost just as important is the driver heatsink. with the boost drives the thermal shutoff is...
  8. Tmack

    Multi wavelength beamshots. They turned out very good for a phone camera :)

    man they look great Alex. im stuck with a phone camera too. go to a craft store and grab some glycerin . its in the area where the cake stuff is. its used to make old icing good again or something like that. get one of those oil burners from the dollar store, or just heat some up in a pot on...
  9. Tmack

    |Help Thread| Where to buy quality lasers (Different wavelengths)

    nice job alex. way to look out for the new people.
  10. Tmack

    Quality eagle pair vs cheap Fasttech laser shades. (DONT BUY FASTTECH LASER SHADES)

    very nice alex. really dont see side by side comparisons of glasses very often. I dont think I ever have. Some people think that glasses are glasses.
  11. Tmack

    What lights do you have?

    oh i see. the one in the picture looked pretty awesome. i dont think i could do it though. after seeing that picture i looked at my jetbeam tcr2vn and tcr10vn and just couldnt see ripping apart such nice lights. its all your fault and you know it. :p before my lumen addiction i would have...
  12. Tmack

    ultimatekaiser's B/S/T [updated 9/14/14]

    Re: ultimatekaiser's buy and sell im interested in that cube.
  13. Tmack

    Buying experience with DTR's laser shop

    lol ill build 4-5 in one sitting if i have enough orders. the worst part now is my little workshop has no air conditioning. by the time the iron is hot im completely soaked. when you get a good rythem going, and your building a bunch of the same lasers you can really blow through them. on...
  14. Tmack

    Missing My Wonder....

    now that ive been building strictly for other people and not myself, the amazement has really worn off. although when i find something special, or new, i still get excited. the new 405 have really been fun. burning from the amazing distances we havent seen before is very exciting.
  15. Tmack

    Buying experience with DTR's laser shop

    about 18 maglites 14 c11 6 501b 2 ms envy 2 zasers 1 mrcrouse custom 1 sipik i wish they were all mine!!!
  16. Tmack

    What lights do you have?

    i guess the origin of the titanium 520 is a secret. ive asked in your sale thread, here, o well. thats the main reason i picked up the pd35vn xpl triple. i hear the cri is just as good as a nichia
  17. Tmack

    Buying experience with DTR's laser shop

    hahaha might be a good idea. i have to swim through bubble wrap to get to my bench. i have dozens of empty dtr packages, and dozens of hex wrench envelopes from mrcrouse!!!! i started using them instead of toothpicks to apply my thermal paste they are so plentiful.
  18. Tmack

    Buying experience with DTR's laser shop

    lol seriously . I get notification in a couple hours!!! i need a dtr punch card. After the 100th diode you get one free.
  19. Tmack

    Buying experience with DTR's laser shop

    last time i counted i had 23 empty dtr packages just on the top of my junk pile. its been a super busy couple months as far as laser building goes :)
  20. Tmack

    *SOLD* - 300mW+ 532nm Skylaser starter bundle!

    aww no. i remember the adventure of buying that laser