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  1. AaronT

    "Hand Held" Supersonic Wind Tunnel, and you probably already own one.

    This is pretty simple guys. If you have ever removed the optics from a laser then shined the "flashlight beam" around you are 99% of the way there. If you have notice the sharp shadows it cast and made some shadows you are 99.99% of the way there. Do you have a can of "air duster"? Possibly...
  2. AaronT

    I was gone applying for college, now I'm in and back.

    Well after two years procrastinating/deciding if I was sure I went ahead with it. I have at least 6 years of GI Bill, but they have gone to 8 for Veterans after Dr. Montana offers 6 more years ON TOP of the GI Bill after it runs out under the Veterans Education Benefit. My local community...
  3. AaronT

    First continuous room-temperature solid-state MASER

    Diamond Solid State MASER Detailed Technical Article in Nature My first thought was application in propellantless RF Cavity thrusters. Since they require very finely tuned microwaves to produce the thrust effect...
  4. AaronT

    In search of 22A 4V buck driver.

    I'm looking for a 22A 4V driver. (2 26650s as power source) A small driver with the ability to use an external adjustable pot (as blackbuck M8) would be great. Any designs for such a driver would also be useful.
  5. AaronT

    BUILD 638nm 900mW HL63193MG in 20mm C6 host.

    First a shout out to DTR and his 2W 470nm+ C6 20mm Overdrive Special for inspiring this build as well as the 20mm module assembly. Also kudos to Survival Laser and their fast shipping and helpful customer service. Also sorry for the low quality pics, I have yet to invest in a good...
  6. AaronT

    Engineers Turn a Laser Beam into a Stream of Liquid

    Engineers Turn a Laser Beam into a Stream of Liquid Light usually passes straight through water and so can’t generate a stream of fluid, right? Not anymore.
  7. AaronT

    Current options for "plug and play" host for 12x30mm modules with drivers?

    I'm looking for a good simple build host for 12x30mm modules. Looking for something 14500, 16340, 10440 powered.
  8. AaronT

    Need help with Hyperion Cu (2 watt) LPM

    I want to upgrade the software (unlock code) to the 6 watt (Ag) version. I want to get the non-coated version of the sensor and any software needed to upgrade to the 20 Watt version. I would also like to learn more about the data logger and start using it. Yes, I have tried contacting...
  9. AaronT

    New material absorbs 99.96% of light, Guinness World Record darkest substance.

    New material absorbs 99.96% of light, Guinness World Record darkest substance. Would make a good wrap for gas tube lasers. Other ideas?
  10. AaronT

    2W RGB handheld idea.

    I contacted Opt Lasers about getting just that fantastic mini mount with mirrors. They said they would send me one for about $200 I'm basing this build idea on perceived brightness. Osram PL520B 520nm max pot set to 275ma for 120mw green Oclaro HL63193MG 638nm max pot set to 1.2a for 1050mw...
  11. AaronT

    Stirling Engine Powered Laser Project Idea.

    Nearest I can tell, is this Stirling Engine should be putting out about 6v and at least 0.03 ... amps. I think that would push an efficient diode/driver combo to about 10mW or so. It would show from the discovery of fire, thermal to mechanical, mechanical to electrical and electrical to...
  12. AaronT

    A 30 Watt Saber build?

    Yep. Since everything is going so smooth with my Phaser build, and I plan to get one of Rick Trents 7w units I'm thinking of my next build. I have been playing with this idea a while. The new blue/blue Dichro works on such a narrow spectrum that binned/sorted NUBM44s can be combined. 2x...
  13. AaronT

    How hard to find a NUBM44 that hits 455nm or higher?

    I read a thread about combining two NUBM08 of slight variation using a blue/blue dichro. This got me thinking about trying the same with a pair of NUBM44s. 2 pairs of NUBM44s PBSed x 2 dichroed and you have up to 28-30 watts all on the NUMB44 beam profile. Add a beam expander and you could...
  14. AaronT

    Poor Boy Fabry–Pérot interferometer?

    I want to build a Fabry–Pérot interferometer in order to study and understand the equipment and technology. Fabry–Pérot interferometer Wiki It is also an excuse to buy my first "Lab Laser". I intend to use this device to attempt to measure gravity. (proximity or even orientation to a large...
  15. AaronT

    AaronTs Very First Build - NUBM06 Powered Wand Phaser

    WOOO HOOO SUCCESS!!! I HAVE GOTTEN MY WAND PHASER APART WITHOUT DAMAGING IT!!! Alright I got it apart. The first step is to remove the "cooling fins" I used a pair of taped pliers to prevent marring and pulled firmly with just a little wiggle. Be careful to grip it about 2/3 back because the...
  16. AaronT

    Stripping Flashlight board, but want to keep some features.

    A - My soldering skills are basic, I've watched the "101" and searched (using the google bar) to see what advice I could find, I was left with (strip everything) or stuff specific to particular hosts. B - Of all the info I'm learning the drivers/boards/circuits are the most complicated. I...
  17. AaronT

    Ebay "605nm" laser pen.

    CLEARANCE Sale Powerful 5mW 605nm Red Beam Laser Pointer Pen Light Toys Xmas | eBay I was thinking about adding it to my collection if it is indeed 605nm. I suspect it is a dyslexic 650nm...
  18. AaronT

    Side Clicky 14500 (2x14250) Flashlight Host

    So I've been browsing flea-bay searching flashlights by battery configuration and this is one I grabbed up. 3500 Lumen 3 Modes CREE XM T T6 LED Comapct Flashlight Lamp 14500 Battery JS | eBay I am pretty sure I can stuff a Oclaro 700mW 638 (HL63193MG) diode in it and run it at 1w. I am also...
  19. AaronT

    "Bug Zapper" 405nm 700mw

    'Star Wars' Laser Kills Mosquitoes Any ideas on building a economical version? Motion tracking, auto focus cam and a "Fire" or "Next target" mode. You know, sit on my laptop and wage war on the flying bugs.
  20. AaronT

    10 Watt 808nm Diode, Max it can be overdriven too?

    Here is the diode in question. 808nm 10W High Power C Mount Laser Diode | eBay I was wondering what you guys think this diode might top out at. I'm considering PBS combining 2 then using a Dichro to add a visible light beam (probably from NUBM44).