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    Beam Expander Help

    Does anybody know the specifications on the threading for the Sanwu Lasers 3x beam expander, and the threading for the star caps used by say, the cheap 303, or gatling style lasers? A friend wants to try and make an adapter between them for me as a test for his new lathe. Sanwu Lasers: "X3 Beam...
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    Hello all! New here, Just got around to an intro..

    I'm new but have been hanging around for a few weeks so far. I'm not comfortable giving my name, so for now its just MD. I live in eastern VA, US. Just getting back into lasers after buying a few cheap ones years ago, now that I can afford better stuffs. Sorry if I ask to many questions, id...
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    Any "Good" Ebay Seller?

    Hey all, a friend wants to get a laser to basicaly play around with, are there any "Good" (not crap) Ebay sellers for the green laser "Pens" for under $40? Side question, Is there a power meter anyone would recommend that wont break the bank? Ive seen Gentecs PRONTO series, but they are a bit...
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    New Here, Looking for a New Laser to Replace my Dead One.

    Hello all, I'm new to the forum, and looking for a good place to buy a higher powered handheld green laser. Ive seen so many sites that claim higher wattages, but have yet to find one with anything actually backing that up. Me and a friend have been using a 950mw one for years for effects, but...