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  1. SilverFire

    What do you do with lasers

    Yea, I never really believe anyone that claims they are a girl online. Especially on sites where most if not all of the members are guys. I just go by the assumption that they are some jerk trying to get attention by pretending to be someone else. Until I have proof that is.
  2. SilverFire

    What do you do with lasers

    I know it might be a bit overkill but I usually use a handheld blowtorch to light fireworks lol. But lasers work well too. Both of them won't really be affected by the wind.
  3. SilverFire

    What do you do with lasers

    I personally enjoy taking long exposure photos of my 1w blue. Laser beams are just cool to look at. I also enjoy showing it off to friends who have never seen a laser over 5mW. It's fun to see their reactions. I remember using the laser once on the 4th of July on the beach very briefly (due to...
  4. SilverFire

    [SOLD] For Sale - 1W blue, 1W red, and 600mW green for $350

    Re: For Sale - 1W blue, 1W red, and 600mW green for $350 How much for just the Jetlasers Pl-e pro? And could I get some details on it's condition? Thanks! Edit: ops, didn't see the (Sold) sign
  5. SilverFire

    pics from my new Laser room

    Cool, now I know I'm not the only one with Dragon Lasers glasses. Neat pictures man.
  6. SilverFire

    1995 Honda Civic Del Sol

    Hello again, just thought I'd post an update on the car subject. Eight years ago, I remember sitting in my parent's van when I saw a Ford Taurus sitting on the curb in our neighborhood as we drove by. The first thing I said was, "Boy is that the ugliest car I have ever seen, I am NEVER getting...
  7. SilverFire

    Best Class 4 Green (532nm) Laser?

    Thanks Mr.Bowtie
  8. SilverFire

    Survival Laser Eagle Pair Review 190-540/580-780

    I still use dragon lasers goggles for my class 4 blue. It SEEMS to do a good job reducing the dot to a dim yellow but they probably don't have as high of an OD rating as Eagle pair.
  9. SilverFire

    This random stranger says Hi

    Thanks, I think I will just read a bit daily and see how that goes. Btw, your avatar is way too hard to forget lol.
  10. SilverFire

    Best Class 4 Green (532nm) Laser?

    Ive been looking at Jetlaser's 532nm 300mW PL-E Pro for a bit. I hear lots of good stuff bout them. I also like their new pen style laser pointer. Anyone know if their pen style lasers are any good? I'm interested in their 150mW greenie.
  11. SilverFire

    A woman on mars?!?!?

    I had to squint to see it. I kept thinking it would appear to the left for some reason.
  12. SilverFire

    This random stranger says Hi

    Hi LeHap, did you change your avatar after I left? I had a bad habit of remembering people by their profile pictures. (Why I never changed my avatar from they day I made my account lol)
  13. SilverFire

    Noobs Guide to First LASER Purchase

    I know Laserbtb advertises that one of their lasers is waterproof. I haven't ordered from them for almost a year now so I don't know where their reputation is standing at the moment. Last time I checked, they were a somewhat reputable Chinese company that sold decent non-junk laser systems. The...
  14. SilverFire

    This random stranger says Hi

    Hello Laser pointer forums, I just thought I would make a thread to say hi. I didn't exactly know which category to post this in so I did "Other". I was very active on the forums around 8-9 months ago so I wouldn't expect anyone to know who I am, also considering the fact that I didn't really...
  15. SilverFire

    Sci Fi Lasers SF501B 405nm * 800mW -1W *

    Cool pictures. +Rep
  16. SilverFire

    Why shipping takes so long

  17. SilverFire

    Wicked Lasers Final 40

    Hm, sometimes it makes me think that they receive the order, go party and do random non-work related stuff for 2 months and then say, "Ops, I forgot to ship this one. Oh well, I'll ship it a few weeks from now." But then again its probably just customs confiscating everything or they are...
  18. SilverFire


    Awesome beam shots. Them laser pictures never get old.
  19. SilverFire

    More Photos (picture heavy)

    I want a nice camera so bad! Can't afford a nice dslr lol. Anyway, awesome pictures you took!
  20. SilverFire

    First Timer Here!

    Welcome to the forum! And I'm glad you went with Dragon Lasers instead of WL. They have a pretty good reputation and high quality products coming straight from CNI. If you decide to add more lasers to your collection, Laserbtb (Skylasers), Sci-Fi Lasers, Jetlasers and Laser Glow are also some...