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    Red Laser

    Just bought a Laserbtb HL660-300. As I have a 301 Red laser it is most interesting to compare the two. The 301 is dimmer but has a far tighter beam and laser dot that I can see out to a mile on a dark night. The HL660-300's dot has more divergence and is a square vs the round dot on the...
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    445nm vs 405nm

    I have a 1000mw 445 blue laser and look to be ordering a 500mw 405 violet laser. As I understand it the violet is much dimmer because it has 1/2 the output and the human eye is far less responsive to violet light. I ask anyone that has both if they wouldn't mind describing the difference. I...
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    E-Bay 301 405 Laser

    Bought one to try out...a very eery color and a weird beam, but I do like it. I paid about $10.00 for it and it works surprisingly well. While many don't much care for the model 301...IMHO it is a good starter laser. No sense to spend hundreds of dollars on only to find that you have lost...
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    LAZERPOINT Laser 900

    Can anyone tell me if they have tried this model and advise if it is a truly 500mw; if not, what is its' output. I'd like a strong red laser for Astronomy and this one seems ideal. I am new to this hobby. Massive Cheap 500mw 650nm Adjustable Focus Red Laser Pointer with Lighting Cigars...
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    Does anyone have a Laser output meter?

    I have three Lasers and have no clue as to the mw output...they all take a 18650 battery and are: Model 303 Green Model 301 Red Model 301 Violet (405nm) If anyone has these and an out put meter, I'd appreciate it very much if you can advise what the outputs are.. Thank you, Wally