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    Post your random videos!

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    HELP PLEASE!!!! good lasers for cheap???

    What is your science fair project? I'm really curious
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    The Tarantula. {Now updated with The Horsehead}

    Re: The Tarantula. :drool::drool::drool:
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    50mW 130cm long HeNe scrap parts

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    SKYTech laser 80mw vs 1w blue

    Burn things laser is required to more than 500mw
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    new 1.4w laser - will any safety glasses do?

    Laser safety goggles are designed to protect your eyes by reducing the amount of light from lasers with specific wavelengths to a safe level while transmitting enough light for good vision.
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    Hello everyone :)

    I am a new user, I also like the laser, I also like to make friends.
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    Did I ruin my laser

    Are you use the laser pointer more than 30 seconds? Laser diode may be damaged。
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    My Friend's Name

    ......:TSK:Laughed at the others name is not good。
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    Happy Thanksgiving from Australia.

    Happy Thanksgiving, thanks for the life of a friend.
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    Cheap Ebay handheld 532

    I want a high powered laser and one that is quality, and the fact that I searched the internet for over an hour trying to find a satisfactory Laser really is annoying.
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    Fully functional waterproof laser - with gifs!

    wow so amazing,Is the fish will chase the laser ? Lasers can be used to attract the attention of the fish and then catch fish?