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  1. SilverFire

    This random stranger says Hi

    Hello Laser pointer forums, I just thought I would make a thread to say hi. I didn't exactly know which category to post this in so I did "Other". I was very active on the forums around 8-9 months ago so I wouldn't expect anyone to know who I am, also considering the fact that I didn't really...
  2. SilverFire

    Duracell 1000lm Christmas Gifts

    Hey LFP, I have some friends that I would like to buy some powerful flashlights for on Christmas this year and was wondering if anyone knew anything about the Duracell 1000 lumen flashlight from Costco for $23.52. I didn't want to get them a generic Chinese flashlight, but I also didn't...
  3. SilverFire

    Wicked Lasers Final 40

    It looks like Wicked Lasers is under new ownership and management and will no longer be shipping >5mW lasers to the U.S. starting January 1st 2015. The shipping restrictions will also be extended to other countries shortly after. Thus all of their lasers over 5mW are 40% off for a short time...
  4. SilverFire

    1995 Honda Civic Del Sol

    Hey LPF, Was wondering if anyone had any experience with the Honda Civic Del Sol at all. I am currently looking for a good first car and I found that this type of car can get up to 37mpg highway (s model). (sample image) I found 3 for sale in my area and was considering buying one of them. I...
  5. SilverFire

    Experimenting with laser photography

    Here are a few laser pictures I took in my back yard of my LFP 1W blue:
  6. SilverFire

    SkyLasers LFP-445 1000

    After receiving my 1W laser from Laserbtb/SkyLasers a little more than a week ago, I am finally able to make a review! I will try to be as detailed as I can but please note that I do not own an LPM or any other laser equipment besides laser glasses. Shipping I made the order on the LFP-445...
  7. SilverFire

    Police Helicopters

    Hey guys, Today I just received my LFP 445nm 1w blue laser and tested it for the first time in my back yard! First, I have to say it looks absolutely amazing! Beautiful beam and a huge eye magnet (I'll get to that). I have yet to do a review on it but it seems it may start to become difficult...
  8. SilverFire

    1014 Lm Flashlight Review

    Hi once again people of LFP! A few days ago I bought a 1014 lumen flashlight by Ozark Trail for general outdoor use at night. I was aiming for something rechargeable with a bright light and this product had a few more features than just that. Ozark Trail LED flashlight - Walmart.com As you...
  9. SilverFire

    Laser Safety Signs

    Hello Laser Pointer Forums! If you ever wanted to customize a "Danger" or "Warning" sign for hanging on a door or wall, here is a cool site I came across for making custom signs and templates: MySafetySign.com "Danger" signs are a great way of letting people know of hazards like high power...
  10. SilverFire

    Post your random laser art!

    Hi once again LPF! It was after looking at some beautiful pictures by many laser owners with cool ideas that inspired me to make some laser art myself and a thread for posting out-of-the-ordinary laser works! When it comes to laser art, I found that just about any random clear thing in the...
  11. SilverFire

    EBay Laser Pens Review

    Hello Guys! Today I decided to do a (sort of) practice review on a set of 3 lasers I bought off eBay after reading the sticky "Review DO's & DON'Ts". I am still deciding whether I will keep doing the laser hobby or not, so I am starting out with cheap Chinese "junk". First off, I made the order...
  12. SilverFire

    18 years of age to buy?

    Hello once again LPF. I have looked at a lot of the lasers that some of the forum sellers make including Jayrob's portable lasers. I know I have to be 18 to buy a complete pre-built laser from others, but does that include buying individual parts? If so I'll wait till February 2015 to buy. Thx!
  13. SilverFire

    Low power mode good for training?

    Hey guys, I have been struggling trying to find a real cheap laser for practicing before buying the 1w blue I'm going for. The LFP 445 nm 1w laser from Laserbtb has a low power mode which takes it down to 400mW. Would this still be good for practicing with? (Using eagle pair or dragon lasers...
  14. SilverFire

    Just joined the forum!

    Hello Laser Pointer Forums! I have been using this site for research and laser opinions for some time now and have finally decided to join the crowd and start asking and answering questions myself! I posted my first thread in the "General" section and was told I posted in the wrong place and...
  15. SilverFire

    Good starter laser?

    Hello Laser Pointer Forums! This is my first post as I have only recently gotten into the idea of lasers. I have owned multiple cheap 1-5mW reds in the past and I have decided to upgrade to something more powerful. After doing some research, I found high power blue lasers to be of interest but...