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    What type of laser to use?

    Dissipate was a bad word to use. More so that it won't be visable after a certain distance. So if using a low enough power laser with not a lot of fog, then people wouldn't be able to see it after a certain distance.
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    What type of laser to use?

    This would be at a public display. The person using it would be on a stage so above other people. He would not be aiming it down towards the people on the ground. The purpose would be to create a vortex affect coming from him. Could it be exactly 5mW? And how much fog give or take would you...
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    What type of laser to use?

    Sorry about that, I just went and did a quick one.
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    Hello from Wisconsin

    Hey everyone, my name is Joel. I am starting to get into lasers to do some special effects. I hope to see you all around the forums!
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    What type of laser to use?

    So I am trying to do a special effect by making a laser vortex using a green laser. My plan is to shoot the laser at a mini mirror rotating on a mirror to make a vortex effect. This is illustrated in this diagram HERE The only thing is, since it will be used for special effects, I want to...