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  1. Kevlar

    What is your internet connection speed?

    Not too bad.
  2. Kevlar

    From nothing to Laser - What's needed?

    Your focusing problem sounds like you might have the lens in backwards.
  3. Kevlar

    RESOLVED BY COMMUNITY! - Bad experience with Bwhollen

    Re: VERY BAD EXPERIENCE with 'bhwollen' The rep system isn't a perfect indicator by any means, especially if you just look at the green bar and the number underneath it. One has to actually take the time to read the rep comments. ;)
  4. Kevlar

    RESOLVED BY COMMUNITY! - Bad experience with Bwhollen

    Re: VERY BAD EXPERIENCE with 'bhwollen' Agreed!! :beer: Its seems obvious to me BY isn't going to rectify this. He's had ample time to post SOMETHING!!!
  5. Kevlar

    RESOLVED BY COMMUNITY! - Bad experience with Bwhollen

    Re: VERY BAD EXPERIENCE with 'bhwollen' Which part of lasersbee's statement is a lie? The part where he said, "I believe BH lives at home" or the part where he said, "his mother called me when he wanted to order a Laserbee 2.5W USB.."? Sounds like you do pretty shoddy work. Why don't you...
  6. Kevlar

    Some pics, people, and lasers from SELEM 2011.

    Ah, I was having a few beers last night. Maybe your right. I've made that trip 3 times, I forgot how long it can be. Maybe a flight would be better... But a road trip would be fun!
  7. Kevlar

    Spirograph fail wiring..... (help)

    What is the total current you are getting from your power supply?
  8. Kevlar

    2W Sirius-1-C

    DeadEYeMo, that is simply the best looking host I've seen. Incredible!!! A lot of time, thought, and love put into that work of art. Well worth the money. Ehgemus has got some BIG competition. My hat's off to both of you. :beer:
  9. Kevlar

    Severely cut my thumb

    Who the hell would jump you?!?! Did you piss someone off? I can't imagine someone just picking you out on the street and saying, "lets jump him". :thinking: I've had numerous cuts and slices requiring plenty of stitches. Sprained and torn ligaments. But I guess the worse was the car...
  10. Kevlar

    Some pics, people, and lasers from SELEM 2011.

    Those pics are awesome! Thanks Aryntha. :beer: I really hope to attend one of these sometime. Maybe by next year I'll be able to. Hey Tech, maybe we can car pool, we can take my "cruising vessel" :crackup: I drive one of these, except black: yes, smoking aloud.
  11. Kevlar

    A real Microtech knock off???

    It came today from PA. It's pretty much as Ash and others have described, but here are a few pics and a video. Note: In the video I stated I thought the screws might be plastic. Upon closer inspection, they are metal. Overall, I'm pretty happy with it for the price. Someday, when I save...
  12. Kevlar

    I really dont understand drivers..

    Thanks for the confirmation Cyp!! :beer:
  13. Kevlar

    I really dont understand drivers..

    Keep in mind I am no expert but I do have built several drivers. Here is how I would wire it: Maybe bobhaha, Jacob32123, or anyone else that sees this thread can confirm this is correct. What I would do is wire it up, and hook it up to a test load to ensure everything is correct.
  14. Kevlar

    I really dont understand drivers..

    Using THIS LM317/LM338/LM350 Current calculator I figured you could use this 0.62 Ohm 3W resistor from digikey to get a max current of ~2A. Make sure you heatsink the LM350. Wire in the 25 Ohm rheostat pot from RatShack as per the driver tutorial. The 1N4001 diode is only to prevent damage to...
  15. Kevlar

    I really dont understand drivers..

    Yeah, Radio Shack doesn't have much. I go there very little now. They don't even know what a resistor is!!! :rolleyes: For most component parts order from mouser or digikey. As far as the resistors, you'll have to use Ohm's Law to calculate what resistor value to use to get the current...
  16. Kevlar

    Groove2 Maximum Current Output?

    Im on my mobile right now. I can upload it later today. It still should be available on drlava's website, but I don't have that right now either.
  17. Kevlar

    I really dont understand drivers..

    ^^^ The LM350 is wired just like the LM317. Just follow the diagram from the LM317 datasheet or the driver link I referenced above. Sorry, I don't know about EMP. That stands for Electrical Magnetic Pulse? Did you mean ESD (Electrical Static Discharge)?
  18. Kevlar

    Groove2 Maximum Current Output?

    The data-sheet states 500mA but I've seen others get more. It's not that unusual.
  19. Kevlar

    1000mw 1W Green Laser Pointer Flashlight Is True!

    I want the last 2 minutes of my life back for reading this thread. :tsk: refreshlaser, I'm holding you accountable, find a way to make it up to me. Maybe send me a laser for a review? :na:
  20. Kevlar

    I really dont understand drivers..

    If you want to build a simple linear current driver, and use the 2.5A wall-wort you linked from Radio Shack, just use a LM350 instead of the LM317. The LM350 can output up to 3A where as the LM317 can only output up to 1.5A For a simple tutorial on how to build the linear driver I like...