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  1. brucemir

    hello again

    IT is very good to hear from many of the vets Encap, Arctic Dude, Paul, & Curtis! Arctic Dude - When I got my Sanwu RGB a few years ago, as soon as I started turning the color wheels I thought "This is how Artic Dude feels when he is creating his landscape laser photos with magenta, pink...
  2. brucemir

    hello again

    It has been a few years since I last posted any photos on LPF. Out of the blue, Encap PM'd me asking me how am I doing and if I am still photographing my lasers, to which the answer is yes. In the past few years I have purchased a Sanwu RGB and many Sanwu low power Pocket lasers. I have also...
  3. brucemir

    Sanwu RGB review

    Hey AD, I really enjoy these pics, especially the one the first three, a perfect amount of lighting for my taste. I would like to set up some mirrors in my back yard but my wife would shoot me before the Police got there. Great shots!
  4. brucemir

    Flickr Free Plan Changing

    I have been a paying member of Flickr since 2006. I have over 80K photos stored on their site (at lower res) and for 49.99 a year it is a bargain. I am pretty sure it was 29.99 a year before, but when renewal time comes again I will be renewing. I use it so I can view my photos anywhere on any...
  5. brucemir

    some "new" pics 11/2/18

    These pics were taken about a month ago. I was at Home Depot and saw some thick glass shelves that I saw and had ideas for them immediately and bought two of them. Four of them would make a complete circle. They are the pieces the prisms are on top of. Anyway I just kept adding pieces to the set...
  6. brucemir

    2-Way Mirrors

    Hi Lew, Experimentation is always a good thing. When I start doing something new ,the first session or two is just seeing how things interact with each other, but it is 100% necessary to get the really nice shots once everything is figured out. I am lucky to have a dedicated room as I can leave...
  7. brucemir

    2-Way Mirrors

    Hey Lew, Nice experiment. I like 9477 the best.
  8. brucemir

    pics 5/1 589nm+593.5nm

    Thanks Bowtie, Curtis, Redcowboy and GSS! GSS - On the first pic it is water with some air bubbles
  9. brucemir

    pics 5/1 589nm+593.5nm

    Its been a long time since I added anything to this thread so here are some random shots taken over the past year or so featuring 589nm. Most of them are really just test shots to get my exposures right, but still look good. A few of them may have been posted before, but I am trying to select...
  10. brucemir

    Some of my lasers

    Hi photonaholic, I like the ones with the 505 (especially the fifth and sixth ones). Nothing beats a good looking Liquid Sky effect.
  11. brucemir

    Happy Friday Beams

    Hey Lew, More very nice pics! I like the first few three the best with that piece of glass. I am actually using a similar piece of glass now for what I am working on. Keep on posting
  12. brucemir

    some "new"pics 10/16/18

    Hi Paul, The distortion I am referring to is the curvature of the beams. If I am shooting a five frequency rainbow close up with the fisheye, depending on the camera angle to the beams, some of the beams will be curved. I usually try to keep the camera in the middle so the middle beam, in this...
  13. brucemir

    some "new"pics 10/16/18

    Hey Lew, I have three of those “pucks” in my house to control nine bulbs. I have five bulbs in my Living room , two in the Laser room and three in my basement, one of which is battery operated and also used in the laser room from time to time. Now there are many companies making controllable...
  14. brucemir

    some "new"pics 10/16/18

    Thanks everyone! Paul - I guess just about front on shots are fisheye. It is nice to be inches away and get everything in the picture. Just have to make sure the distortion is not too bad. Lew - I have two Hue lights in my laser room. With my phone I can change colors and brightness. But the...
  15. brucemir

    Layzor Bhemes

    Hey Lew, More great pics. I like 8653 and 8675 the best. Keep on posting
  16. brucemir

    some "new"pics 10/16/18

    These pics are actually part 2 from the pics I posted on 8/29/18. Most of the shots here are the same view with substituting different colors. What I set up was very pleasing to my eye and I spent a week shooting this set up. On almost all of them I was using a Laserglow diffraction grating...
  17. brucemir

    Enchanted Beams Thread

    Hey AD, These photos are so surreal ! I like the second one and the last one the best . Great stuff.
  18. brucemir

    Laser Potpourri 10-5-18

    Hey Lew, Nice pics! I like 8130 and 8106 the best. I got the same Diamond shape pieces of glass a few years ago at Hobby Lobby. I also got one there that was hall the size. They are another good place to find various pieces of glass. I very rarely use them anymore. Over the years I have...
  19. brucemir

    some new pics 9/28/18

    Thanks everyone! Lew - For the twelve nm rainbow, here i what I had to do to get it as you see it: For my 638nm, the switch has to be held down. Since it is a pen (Laserbtb) I use a big Binder clip from Staples. I have been using this same clip since 2012. I glued padding on both sides and...
  20. brucemir

    some new pics 9/28/18

    This pics were taken the last week of August. I used a bunch of glass spheres and also hung some "strings" of hematite magnetic balls from above and that is where I started. For the first ones I used 589s and a 488. I then set up a twelve frequency rainbow consisting of: 405, 460, 473, 488...