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  1. Willjoe21

    WTB: Nice 532nm around 250mw-500mw

    Ok so after I posted the sale ad of the Blood Club I got a little bit of the laser bug again and decided I want to add just one more nice laser to the collection of ones I am going to keep. I would like a 532nm between 250mw and 500mw in power. I prefer the 532's over 520's for their nice tight...
  2. Willjoe21

    For Sale: 638nm 18" long BLOOD CLUB laser & 638nm custom aluminum laser - $100

    Here are two lasers that I purchased a few years back from members here on the forums. The CLUB is approximately 18.5" long from front to the tail cap. It takes two 18650 batteries to operate and I believe is around 750-850mw in power. It is a cool host for something else as it has a ton of room...
  3. Willjoe21

    S elling all lasers and parts ***Radiant LPM***

    I am getting out of the laser hobby for a while as I have not had the time and money to do anything in quite some time. I am selling all of my lasers as well as all parts and items related to them. First up is a Radiant LPM for sale in perfect working condition still looks brand new. I am...
  4. Willjoe21

    FS: BDR-209 Drive New in Box **$25*

    I have a BDR-209 drive new in the box, I bought 2 with the intention of harvesting diodes and building a 2 beam 405 which never happened. I have too many other projects at the moment. Guaranteed NIB never touched. $50 OBO + shipping Thanks, Joe Buy today and it is $25 plus shipping in the US...
  5. Willjoe21

    FS: 4.5 Watt (Combined) 462nm Custom Twin Price drop **SOLD**

    I am selling my 2-beam 462nm laser, each beam meters 2200mw or higher. EGHEMUS 2-button Custom host DTR 462nm Modules assembled by DTR G9 Lenses on both sides Runs on 2x 18650 batteries. First $450 takes it Thanks for your time, Joe Sold
  6. Willjoe21

    FS: 3W 450nm Rick Trent MX900

    Selling more of my collection. $200 Buyer pays shipping Fedex Ground Signature Required Thanks! Joe
  7. Willjoe21

    Wicked Lasers Spyder III Arctic 1 Watt **Price Added**

    Selling 1 Watt WL Spyder III. Diode replaced purchased from a member here was DOA he sent a replacement diode and I did the work and now she's up and running wonderfully again. Less than 3 minutes runtime on new diode. -Joe Price: $100
  8. Willjoe21

    Wicked Lasers EVO 532 130mW w/Smartport **Price Drop**

    I am selling my WL EVO with smartport and holster/lanyard. See the pictures with batteries it hit 130mW. Not a scratch/flaw on it barely used. Shipping fedex ground signature required. $350 OBO I will post pic of smartport later I did not bring it to work with me. Thanks, Joe PRICE...
  9. Willjoe21

    FS: 1.2W+ 520nm new price **SOLD**

    Here is a beautiful custom Eghemus host with a 1 Watt NDG7475 DTR module set at 2.4 amps. This laser has maybe 5-10 minutes of total run time on it. I am asking $550 for this green beast. Any reasonable offer considered diode/module alone was close to $400. You can see in the pictures the power...
  10. Willjoe21

    Can anyone here build/repair a 532?

    I have one I need repaired/looked at it may be simple it may not. -Joe Hornsby
  11. Willjoe21

    Diode replacement needed

    Hello everyone! I purchased a wicked laser spyder 3 from FutureOne here on the forums, and it arrived DOA. I'm sure something happened during shipping as he seems like a good guy but now however I want to get it repaired does anybody feel like taking on the job for me? I should've mentioned...
  12. Willjoe21

    moderator I made mistake please delete this. Posted in wrong area. Sorry.

    Hello everyone! I purchased a wicked laser spyder 3 from FutureOne here on the forums, and it arrived DOA. I'm sure something happened during shipping as he seems like a good guy but now however I want to get it repaired does anybody feel like taking on the job for me? I should've mentioned...
  13. Willjoe21

    Question about driver noise while burning. (445nm 3.4W)

    I have a dumb question if you get close to my 3.4W 445 while burning at a distance of let's say 24"-48" I can hear an audible extremely high pitched squeal when I get the focus to its narrowest point where it is at its most powerful burning beam. What is this? If you move the beam to a fresh...
  14. Willjoe21

    WTB: Mohrenberg focus adapter(s)

    I would love to buy 2, but one will do. Does anyone have any laying around they would part with? I have one on a purchased laser from Jander and I really like it! I would love to have 2 to compliment two projects I am working on. -Joe
  15. Willjoe21

    WTB or trade 593.5

    I would like to buy/trade a 593.5nm from someone. I have lots of options for trade if need be but prefer to buy rather than part with any of my babies. -Joe
  16. Willjoe21

    Why would a broken WL E2 532nm emit blue beam?

    Why would a broken 532nm wicked laser E2 emit a green beam? KTP dislodged? Or something else? Just curious as I saw someone on eBay selling one for $300 which is a total scam anyhow but I am curious as to why. This would be IR coming out of the laser now correct? -Joe
  17. Willjoe21

    eBAy scam artist---Derrick Fox (Alphalord024) & rph.dta (eBAy username)

    I just wanted to let everybody know here and give them a warning about an eBay member named Alphalord024. Real name Derrick Fox from Xenia Washington. I purchased a supposedly 10 W blue pointer from him back in February 16 for $202 I knew before I ever bought or looked got the item in my hands...
  18. Willjoe21

    Beam expander

    This may be a stupid question but does anybody on here make or know where I can buy a beam expander that simply threads on to the end of our custom builds where the lens would thread in? I have use the search feature and not found what I was looking for. -Joe
  19. Willjoe21

    Is Cubote.com good to do business with

    I think I pretty much said it all in the title of the thread was looking at one laser to order from cubote strictly for the host it's completely smooth with only one seem I've had my eye on it for a while have not seen anything else like it except the ones listed by podo, and I don't believe...
  20. Willjoe21

    Uranium marbles not needed thanks guys!

    I was wondering if anybody knew where I could purchase a couple of the 1 inch glass uranium marbles. I was thinking two crackled and two regular, but I would buy whatever I could get. I didn't really want to take the chance on eBay not knowing what I would be buying I trust folks on here a lot...