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  1. Tmack

    Nichia 460-470nm 9mm 1.4w?!

    Am I missing something? Has anyone seen these yet? I just got an email from the bay. $200..... Hmmmm...
  2. Tmack

    Cold steel Warrior vs Ronin "Hagakure" katana review

    Hey guys. Little out of the blue, but I thought I'd do a little review of my new toys. I've been training with the katana since I was 12, and the martial arts since 4. I have always collected the weapons in had training with. Second to the vintage cold steel tanto knife I recently acquired ...
  3. Tmack

    Updated Four Kings of Stone. More pictures! R, B, V. Done

    Hey guys. Been a while since I've shown off anything. Can't have that! Marble zasers are half finished. . Mr crouse really outdid himself with these. They left me speechless upon arrival. I carefully removed my new babies and got to work on the violet and red. I actually got to...
  4. Tmack

    Community calibration

    Was thinking about starting a small fund for a 500mw red lab laser (recommend by our resident LPM ologist) that's exceptionally stable, that we could first send to a known calibrated LPM, then send to members on a list. That way, the members involved could calibrate their lpms to one central...
  5. Tmack

    Osram 405nm 3.8 350 - 600mw rated.

    Could this be the 1w 405 guys? If anyone has any insight I'd appreciate it. Edit : Just found the thread to crush my dreams. Couldn't be that easy. Please disregard. Should have searched more first. Just got a little excited.
  6. Tmack

    Mag Light custom extended heatsink. (pic heavy)

    Hey guys. I recently purchased a fully upgraded Jayrob mag light build from speedy. Installed, was the tail cap key switch, and the led voltage monitor. It also had the standard aluminum heatsink. The duty cycle was phenomenal with an aluminum hockey puck to take care of that pesky heat...
  7. Tmack

    UPDATE! The four lovely ladies. MS V3 SET COMPLETE. (pic heavy)

    Hey guys. Thought I'd share my latest little project. Four ms v3 hosts from sinner filled with 405nm, 445nm, 532nm, and 638nm. Today the hosts came and I immediately slapped a 500mw 638 and a 120mw 532 in two of them. The blue and violet will be done this week. I'll be updating the...
  8. Tmack

    C6 rainbow builds

    Hey guys. I've just been searching c6 builds and maybe I'm looking in the wrong manner. I bought two diodes from dtr with drivers pre wired. Will these fit in a c6? Do I need circular 17mm drivers or can I use contact boards and pre-wired drivers. If I can I assume I'll be stuck with the...
  9. Tmack

    Monster Usb rechargeable host.

    Found this guy at Walmart lol. Uses two 18650 rechargeable through the host. The head is larger than a mag light. The led goes from red to blue when charged and I'm guessing it goes back to red when power is depleted. As a flashlight it's 750 lumens with high, med, low, sos modes. Around...
  10. Tmack

    Mid-Atlantic gathering??

    I have seen a substantial amount members in this region. Has anyone ever arranged a gathering in this part of the country for the forum members? Was just seeing if this would interest anyone? Would it be worth a try? Any thoughts? Ideas? Obviously not a Selem type "event" maybe just a swap...
  11. Tmack

    Collection Showcase

    Hello everyone. Though it would be fun to do an updated collection overview . I'll keep it short and let the pictures do the talking. My collection started in august and has been steadily growing thanks to this great community. Well here they are! Hope you enjoy :D (check sig for mw) Pman...
  12. Tmack

    2x ms envys 4x black copper pens for trade. / sale

    Looking to trade these hosts for anything useful. Mainly diodes. All 4 black pens are 1x cell and mint. Probably the best looking out there. All sold
  13. Tmack

    Rebuilt ophir diy lpm. One more mod for the lpm fans

    Hey guys got my ophir head about an hour ago and wired her up using a wiring diagram I found on Google images lol. Just wanted to make sure everything is going OK. When not reading anything it gives me a reading of around - 3.1 or so. Just wondering if this is ambient light or did I possibly...
  14. Tmack

    Beam Shots: Diffraction, Lumia pictures added(pic heavy)

    3w hitting the clouds Diffraction shots 370mw hitting the clouds Back to the diffraction Over the camp fire 100mw 532 180mw 405 240mw 638 370mw 532 700mw 638 1300mw 445 100mw fog Little lumia fun
  15. Tmack

    LK-3D Projector

    Hey guys. Wanted to share my first projector experience. I have never seen a projector in action and was curious to what the fuss was about. This projector has 42 patterns that can be adjusted for speed, duration, everything imaginable. I took the pictures using full color mode so each...
  16. Tmack

    1.2w Wicked Lasers EVO E2 M140 Pen New focus knob pics

    Hey guys. Wanted to show my first real build. I have many high power 445 but wanted something portable. I came across a wicked laser e2 host on ebay for $20. The seller contacted me and said because it didn't have a cap, he would refund me 14$, so for $6 I got my host. I decided I could...
  17. Tmack

    Driver questions x switch

    Hey guys. I got wicked laser e2 host. I plan to drop a m140 in it. I contacted lazeerer for an x switch. The note along with it says the spring on the driver goes to battery negative. So how will this work with the M140. Sorry for the novice question but I know M140 builds I have need...
  18. Tmack

    Lasers on the radio

    On my way to work, I heard something disturbing. In Baltimore there has been a Navy blimp testing aerial mapping equipment. The radio personality on 98 rock mentioned the testing and goes on to say "let's hit it with a laser, we've seen it pop a balloon, wonder what it will do to a blimp"...
  19. Tmack

    Brought to you by Parliament Laser Cigarettes

    Dont forget to donate this month. This ad was brought to you by Parliament Laser Cigarettes Playing around with some fast tech modules. Little guy fit right inside a e- cig ...lol
  20. Tmack

    Black Zaser

    Hey guys I have to first thank Mrcrouse & Daguin. I first ordered the host anodized black as you can see and had it sent straight to Daguin for filling. The anodizing is extremely thick and absolutely perfect around the threads and edges. The focus knob goes well with the very deeply finned...