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  1. ryansoh3

    Mike's Electric Stuff Clearout

    Did I hear lasers? :wave: Some stuff will be free, others will go for peanuts. :) Stockwood Park, UK. May 18.
  2. ryansoh3

    Feeler: The BAMF

    *The list has been lowered to 5 units. I will be making 10 though, but hopefully this will shorten the waiting period. :wave: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Hi all, I'm pleased to announce the first run of BAMF lasers. :wave: This feeler thread is going to gauge interest for the first ten units...
  3. ryansoh3

    Introducing the BAMF

    Greetings LPF! This month, I wanted to busy myself with a very interesting project. Custom made lasers generally fell under two categories: 1. Cheap XXXFire bodies and custom made heatsinks, or 2. Custom made body as well as a custom machined heatsink. I wanted to break that rule and use the...
  4. ryansoh3

    Best thermal pathway for heatsinks

    Hi LPF, I was thinking of designing a heatsink and came upon a question. I'm using 9mm diodes in a threaded module. Is it better to: Use only the copper module and have the back of the diode contact the heatsink. This will leave an air gap where the module is threaded: Use the aluminum...
  5. ryansoh3


    Here's a dynamic map that visualizes world times across the world. :beer:
  6. ryansoh3

    Empty microwave question

    Just a random thought while enjoying a Youtube guy microwaving guns: I've heard that operating a microwave without food is not recommended due to the microwave radiation not being absorbed by water molecules, but where does the energy go? Mine is rated at 700W, so the power must heat up...
  7. ryansoh3

    Google can beat box!

  8. ryansoh3

    Ghetto CPU Watercooling Build

    Just a few quick pics, will post more after I finish studying for exams:
  9. ryansoh3

    cantthinkofone: Great seller!

    Hey LPF, Just wanted to share my experiences with cantthinkofone. I posted a WTB: 3DS thread because my friend wanted a US edition 3DS. A couple days later, cantthinkofone PM'ed me saying that he would like to sell his 3DS. He was very flexible with the price, as well as covered half the...
  10. ryansoh3

    Copper HD2010 and Convoy C8 pills on sale!

    Hey guys, I'm doing a GB on pure copper HD2010 and Convoy C8 pills. HD2010 is a beast of a thrower and the the Convoy C8 is a very solid overall light. If you already have these lights, it's a great chance to get an upgrade. Both models have been enhanced over the stock pills by minimizing...
  11. ryansoh3

    Craigslist Tamiya R/C Ripoff?

    Hey guys, just saw this local Craigslist posting and I was wondering if it's a ripoff. He's selling a Tamiya Ferrari 458 Italia R/C with the following accessories, as stated in his post: He claims that it cost him 780,000 Won ($700) and he's selling it for 480,000 Won ($450). I just checked...
  12. ryansoh3

    WTB: Nintendo 3DS (not XL) + Pokemon Y

    Sorry for the terribly off topic guys. :yh: My (childish) friend is looking for a Nintendo 3DS, specifically a US edition because he wants to be able to play games once he moves over to the US. So I'm looking for a used 3DS (not the XL edition) and Pokemon Y, and if you could ship it to Korea...
  13. ryansoh3

    Using expensive flashlights as hosts, specifically the TN30 and X40

    Hi LPF, :wave: I was thinking about building a laser on a premium flashlight, such as the Thrunite TN30, TN31 or the Supbeam X40/K40. I really like them because they take 3x 18650's and can have a really nice copper heatsink in them. They also have 6 brightness levels via the...
  14. ryansoh3

    New cheap goggles at FastTech?

    Hi all, I was looking for some laser safety goggles for my 445's and found these: They surely aren't the best, but they seem to be the most affordable. I'm looking to replace my scratched up Uvex Orange, which has served me very well. https://www.fasttech.com/products/0/10005474/1433400...
  15. ryansoh3

    The future of guns: self aiming systems

    Aimbots in real life? How do you guys think this will change warfare and training?
  16. ryansoh3

    How to remove scratches from laser goggles?

    Hi all, I was just wondering if it was possible to remove some scratches from laser goggles. It's the cheap Uvex ones, but since shipping to here is twice the price of the goggles themselves, I was wondering if there was a way to restore them. Here's what's happening: there's a roughly...
  17. ryansoh3

    Almost free game bundles

    Some great game deals, going to charity, pay what you want: The Humble Origin-al Bundle: Pay more than the average to get everything: The Sims 3 + Starter Pack - Origin for Windows/Mac Battlefield 3 - Origin for Windows Pay $1 or more to receive: Dead Space 3 - Origin for Windows Dead Space...
  18. ryansoh3

    Bradley Manning's Trial (NSFW)

    I just read an article about Bradley Manning, who leaked military documents, including videos of soldiers engaging and neutralizing civilians, including a Reuters cameraman and his driver. Two children were also injured, but were ultimately sent to a local hospital where sanitation and service...
  19. ryansoh3

    Screw this, I'm going direct drive!

    After discovering that my cheapie buck driver was overheating and causing the current to drop below 1.3A (originally set for 1.66A) I just figured I would go direct drive with a single li-ion cell. I was using a East-092 direct drive driver (not technically a driver) with the 5 usual modes in...
  20. ryansoh3

    How to screw around with a Craigslist scammer?

    Hey all, I just got a reply for my iPhone ad. Typical send it to West Africa for my Son scam, this is my second time getting the exact same email, and I am getting tired of him. Any ideas to fool around with him? This is his latest reply: