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    Couple new pics

    Messing with my projector and new camera the other night, managed to get a couple good pics. Need to grab everything out and do it again sometime :)
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    Looking for a boost IC

    I'm working on a project at the moment where I need to be able to generate 5V from a single LiIon cell. But having a bit of a hard time finding an IC suitable. Basically what I need is: 5V out from single cell LiIon 500mA current (preferably without heatsinking) Active low shutdown pin (GND =...
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    Boost converters

    I'm looking for a few suggestions on a product I'm working on, if anyone has any info they could share :) Basically I need a boost converter to run off a single LiPo cell and give me 5V out. Catch is I need it to be as small as possible without being in an annoying package (QFN and BGA aren't...
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    ANOTHER tornado machine :D

    I've made so many of these in the past, all different shapes and sizes, but I felt like making another one - this time larger, but also fully exposed on all sides (although it's very hard to see without a dark backdrop). This one stands a bit over 2 metres tall, about 1 metre "diameter". It's...
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    Laser cutting service!

    So I've had my laser cutter for a while, but haven't really done much with it. I've had a few people ask me if I can do a few jobs for them previously, and being a broke uni student with nothing else to do (or source of income), I thought I'd just put this out there :) I can accept a variety of...
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    PL520 50mW diode in Aus

    Have a new, unused 50mW PL520 and I need money :( $50AUD shipped (in Australia) :)
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    Multiline ArIon laser AUS

    Sold now :)
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    Anyone capable of metal spinning?

    More specifically, aluminium? I'm looking to get a few small tesla coil toroids made up, they seem reallllyyy difficult to come by :( If you haven't seen them before: Would be looking at something roughly 6" in diameter. Lemme know :)
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    Stepping down

    Well, it's been an interesting past few years, however in the last 6 months or so I've really started to get stuck into life, working almost full time, and this year I'm looking at going back and studying engineering as well. Even with just work, I've found it difficult to make time to moderate...
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    Freetronics 128x128 OLED Display

    Just doing a bit of mucking around :D The examples it comes with are OK - but I wanted an Arduino version of MSpaint, so 2 hours of coding later, here we go :D Very basic functionality, keys 1-9 select colour, mouse wheel changes brush size, and rightclick clears the display, but it's fun...
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    FS: ML Argon Laser Aus

    Hey guys, well, I need to get rid of some crap, I've just got too much stuff to lug around :( I got this argon head and PSU off Dave some time ago, and it's a very high hour tube. As such, it can be a bit temperamental in starting, but I have managed to get it to start after a couple attempts...
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    Anyone tried fasting before?

    I wasn't in such a great state of mind last night, and before I knew it, I had gone well over 16 hours without eating, and still didn't really feel the need to eat. Today I woke up, had some toast, and after that, didn't even feel like having dinner. I had a small amount just to be social with...
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    Quadcopter Builds

    I decided to give multirotors a shot, and bought some stuff a few weeks ago to put one together, using the X230 quadcopter combo: X230 Mini Quadcopter Combo (w/Motors, ESCs, Propellers) And Turnigy 9x TX/RX: Turnigy 9X 9Ch Transmitter w/ Module & 8ch Receiver (Mode 2) (v2 Firmware) And...
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    Support please!

    So, any of you that bother watching the news may be aware of the recent Australian federal election. Long story short, it didn't go so great. For a few years now, the previous government started a project called the NBN, which is basically a program to upgrade Australia's internet backbone, by...
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    Altium Designer - A quick start guide

    OK, so I've had quite a few people PM me asking hao2Altium, and while all the information you could ever need to get started is available on the internet, it tends to be scattered all over the place. So, what I'm hoping to achieve with this is a basic "kick start" into Altium and the basics on...
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    Flexmod P3 owners?

    Could anyone with a P3 tell me what the part number of the main regulating transistor is? I've blown one to shreds and have no clue what it was :D
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    RF circuit design, who can help?

    I'm mucking around with the cool little AS3935 lightning sensor IC, however being in the middle of winter, storms are a bit hard to come by up here. AMS sell a dev kit for this chip, which includes a little board that lets you emulate various noise and lightning strikes, however it's $240...
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    Small RGB LED Cube

    Hey guys, ever since I started working at Jaycar, I've been eyeing off these RGB LED cube kits they have: RGB LED Cube Kit 4x4x4 for Arduino - Jaycar Electronics Well, the other day the manager asked me to take one home and build it up to use as a display, which I did :D Now, my first...
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    Desktop tornado machine!

    I've always had a fascination with the weather, and over the years I've built many tornado machines, including some that have won me a few science awards. My last one stood just under 2 metres high, which I still have: I was bored this afternoon, and decided, hey, it'd be pretty cool to have...
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    Another laser incident in Aus :(

    Just saw this on Facebook: Aviation incident, Sandstone Point (near Bribie Island) | QPS News