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  1. Mathewe

    Detecting Potential Reflection Hazards

    My boss just purchased a 'Hand-Held' laser 'WELDING' system ( bad idea, IMHO... via the education/quality of the typical class of help that he hires). The manufacture's instructions loosely state SERIOUS cautions/warnings concerning safety, but don't properly disclose anything but 'minimum'...
  2. Mathewe

    LPM Options

    65 euro's sounds tempting. More details, please!
  3. Mathewe


    I just wrapped up my first session in firing/tinkering with a 3.5w NDB7A75 diode with a DTR-G-8 lens. This is my 'first' high power diode laser. It's actually my first 'laser' diode, period! Anyways. I made a half-arsed dump out of a piece of metal tubing a metal endcap fitted to the back of the...
  4. Mathewe

    LPM Options

    While I'm eyeballing a few commercially available LPM's... I'm also wondering if there are any descent, 'proven' DIY builds that would be dependable and accurate enough for an entry level hobbyist, such as myself. I'm typically a DIY sort of guy, but not so sure about this one. I'm having a hard...
  5. Mathewe

    Getting my Feet Wet, First DIY Diode Laser Setup

    I'm now 'all in', with DTR's Laser Shop, and a 3.5w/445nm bench build using an NDB7A75 diode, Super X-Driver set @ 3.6 amps... a DTR-G-8 glass lens, and a 25mm copper module. I'll be driving this system with a mid-grade hobby style programmable bench power supply. Can't wait until the mailman...
  6. Mathewe

    Newbie Question

    "Where's that button for 'DOUBLE'-LIKE'!" :giggle:
  7. Mathewe

    what do i need to build a laser

    I didn't think about that question prior to my responding. It's a good question to ask!
  8. Mathewe

    what do i need to build a laser

    I'm brand new to this laser thing, just like you. I'll suggest that you go to DTR's Laser Shop (Google it) and find a diode in the wave-length/color and power that you seek. You will find that you can purchase that diode all by itself, or with all options for a 'turn-key' system if you don't...
  9. Mathewe

    Newbie Question

    Math, please. I'd like to know exactly how you come up with the estimate of 1.414 watts remaining after estimated losses? Just how does one go about calculating the 'approximate' destructive forces as well as the 'estimated' levels of interference? "I have my note-pad and calculator on the ready!"
  10. Mathewe

    Newbie Question

    I found this video, today. I find it fascinating and chocked full of potential areas for experimentation and great fun...
  11. Mathewe

    Alien Life

    I'm of the belief that we would be foolish to think that we are the only specimens of intelligent life existing in the universe. I also believe that if such intelligent life does exist, elsewhere, well. The distance required to travel from there, to here would be too vast for even an extremely...
  12. Mathewe

    Newbie Question

    When 'de-focusing' my laser for testing power... should I only 'slightly' take it out of focus, or do I need to make it 'sloppy, way out of focus' to protect my measuring device?
  13. Mathewe

    Newbie Question

    Here's another question for you; If photons have no mass, what would happen, within the beam(s), if two identical lasers were pointed directly at each other? What would happen if the two lasers were of differing wavelengths, but of the same power each? Get ready for a lot of questions, like...
  14. Mathewe

    First project, putting together a shopping list

    I'm ready to get my feet wet with this laser thing. My first project will be building an adjustable table upon which I can attach a bench mounted laser, along with the ability to mount 'other' needful goodies onto the said bench. This will be a simple 'test-bed' designed to familiarize myself...
  15. Mathewe

    Laser Dumps

    I'm wanting to build an effective laser dump. Anyone have any proven suggestions for effective and proper design?
  16. Mathewe

    Newbie Question

    If a laser reads one watt on the LPM, what would 'two' identical lasers read if both dots were focused in the same spot? Would the LPM read 2 watts, or would some form of relativity kick in and the LPM show only 1 watt? What if the dots were spread out and not focused in the same spot?
  17. Mathewe

    Testing Laser Safety Glasses

    This is the 'BEST' response that I have so far read! "I tip my hat to you, bostjan!" Very informative and 'STRAIGHT' to the point! This is 'EXACTLY' what I've been looking for! I can easily relate to your response 110%. The line of work that I am in (not laser related) is quite dangerous and...
  18. Mathewe

    Testing Laser Safety Glasses

    Okay, I think that I understand what you meant, now. Yes, there was a lot of different colors/wavelengths involved when I looked at the TV. None of that light was collimated, however. What about that super bright blue light coming out of my clock, in a dark bedroom? The lens that the light comes...
  19. Mathewe

    Does wave-length/color make a difference?

    I agree with you, especially on your 'side-note'! I too was bamboozled into the 405/450 stuff for power and burning... until I did a bit more digging and research. Power = power just as a pound = a pound. Lasers are just so new to me that I still do not yet understand the physics involved, but I...
  20. Mathewe

    Testing Laser Safety Glasses

    Do you folks test your new laser glasses... ??? 'How' do you folks test your new laser glasses... ??? How do you know that those new glasses are truly safe... ??? Being new to this hobby, I find this one aspect of safety to be extremely important. I'll not move forward until I know how to make...