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  1. Bionic-Badger

    Great customer support from DTR

    Sometimes the best in people is shown by how they resolve problems. Last week I ordered a diode and some fans from DTR's site. I've been shopping there for a long time and this was another routine purchase. Shipping was very fast, but there ended up being a mistake in my order: the wrong...
  2. Bionic-Badger

    Glue for mounting optics to metal?

    I need to mount some optics to metal parts, does anyone know what is the appropriate glue/epoxy used for this? It would also be nice if I could remove the optics/glue at a later time if necessary. If you have any insight, please let me know, thanks!
  3. Bionic-Badger

    Permanent blindness from laser abuse at Burning Man

    It appears that during the Man burn at Burning Man 2014, a Ranger at Burning Man suffered permanent blindness in one eye and permanent eye injury in another due to some asshole shining a high powered laser at the safety crews tending to the burn. These safety crews watch the audience during the...
  4. Bionic-Badger

    Surplus Shed $15 VIP membership (normally $50) ENDS JUNE 28

    SALE ENDS Saturday, June 28 at 11:59PM Eastern time Surplus Shed is having a VIP membership sale. Instead of $50/year, you can get the membership for $15/year.. Free shipping twice monthly (contiguous USA only) Ten percent discount on all purchases Periodic exclusive specials Expedited order...
  5. Bionic-Badger

    Other ways to reduce database load besides reduced posts per page?

    Is there some other way the database performance can be improved without resorting to this terrible 8-posts-per-page down from 25? It really sucks having to sort through page after page to read through the content. Maybe get rid of the top 15 stats, or don't show as many threads in the list...
  6. Bionic-Badger

    Rick Trent Knife-edge Kit

    I recently purchased a knife-edge plate kit with copper modules from Rick Trent's eBay store. The kit comes with 1x base-plate, 3x aluminum blocks, 3x copper modules, screws and springs for mounting, and also some articulate metal arms (more on this later). Though the eBay ad specifies that no...
  7. Bionic-Badger

    Forgot the reds in the title?

    The website title says "Laser Pointers Forum | Yellow, Blue, Green Laser Pointers" but it's missing the ever-important red laser pointers.
  8. Bionic-Badger

    UPDATE (Feb 8): Large broadband polarized beam splitters $21 shipped @ Surplus Shed

    New Coupon Code (expires Monday Feb 10): SS101402 (Photo update below) Surplus shed is selling some large (27x27mm or 22x22mm, your pick) broadband polarized beam splitters for only $21 shipped! These would normally go for $300 each, and from what I've seen on eBay they're definitely...
  9. Bionic-Badger

    NOTICE: Google Checkout is being terminated in November 2013

    Notice: Google is terminating Google Checkout in November 2013. As is typical Google, they are terminating yet another product of theirs. Google Wallet will also NOT be a suitable alternative as it is only for digital goods. If you are selling products using Google Checkout you should switch...
  10. Bionic-Badger

    Bulk 3V 5mW mini red lasers

    I bought three (3) packets of 70pcs 5mW red lasers for $18 each on eBay, which comes to about $0.25 each laser. One of the 70pcs packs had 80pcs so I actually received 220 of these lasers for $54 shipped. This price makes them about the same price as LED finger lights in bulk quantities. The...
  11. Bionic-Badger

    Surplus shed Cyber Monday 35% off

    As usual, for those people who don't receive Surplus Shed's newsletter (they are literally just for the deals), here you go: http://www.surplusshed.com *ALL INSTOCK ITEMS ON OUR WEBSITE ARE ON CYBER MONDAY SALE-35% OFF EVERYTHING* Everything you purchase using out website will produce a 35...
  12. Bionic-Badger

    Broken TopLaserPointersLink affecting forum

    Some toplaserpointers.com link is affecting the off-topic section of the front page, causing the entire table to be clickable, which goes to that site. It's probably some bad banner ad code.
  13. Bionic-Badger

    40% off everything Surplus Shed Sale

    40% off everything Surplus Shed sale! Ends Tuesday 09/18 https://www.surplusshed.com/ Coupon Code: SS31312 Good deals if you want stuff like lenses, etc. I wish I had waited and got some stuff with this sale. I thought the 30% deal was good! *OUR BEST SALE EVER: 40 PERCENT OFF...
  14. Bionic-Badger

    (UPDATE: Part II) Lasever 500mW 532nm LSR532NL-500 + LSR-PS-II power supply

    This is an update on the LSR532NL-500 500mW 532nm labby laser I purchased from Lasever earlier this month (previous review here). A replacement laser This is a new review, rather than an update to the old review, because I have received a new laser. A week ago I was contacted by David at...
  15. Bionic-Badger

    Lasever 500mW 532nm LSR532NL-500 + LSR-PS-II power supply

    I PMed Electrofreak a week or two ago about suggested vendors for a 300mW 532nm laser, at or around $200-300. He suggested that I contact David (sales at lasever dot com) at Lasever to see what they could provide. I contacted David (or rather Van) at Lasever and they first asked what I would...
  16. Bionic-Badger

    Suggested mount glue?

    What is the suggested glue for gluing stuff like dichros to mounts? I've searched the forums and haven't found a good answer. Thanks!
  17. Bionic-Badger

    473nm CNI lab power supply + TEC adjustment?

    Does anyone know how to adjust the power supply and TEC controller for those 473nm OEM B+W labbies ? The TEC controller is LDTEC-12, but there is also a board on top that says "MIC-CON Ver 4.0". On PL some people have provided the pin-out for the controller. However, I'd like to be able to...
  18. Bionic-Badger

    DIY non-destructive Aixiz-module diode remover

    I needed to remove a 635nm laser diode from an Aixiz module so could use a better heat sink for it; however, I did not want to destroy the laser diode in the process. Suggested methods were to use hollow metal tubes with thin walls, such as retractable radio antennas, to pop out the diode...
  19. Bionic-Badger

    Simple Linear MOSFET Dimming Circuit + PWM

    This is a mirror of an excellent tutorial on making a linear current regulator circuit using transistors. Though originally for LEDs, the circuit can be applied to lasers as well, and I have used it extensively for analog dimming. I've found this tutorial very helpful in understanding...
  20. Bionic-Badger

    Black Labby Heatsink

    I had been on the lookout for cheap labby heatsinks for projector lasers. Such heatsinks used to be part of labby lasers that DealExtreme sold, but they stopped selling such lasers to US customers. Recently, I noticed a number of nice labby-style heatsinks appearing in cheap projector units...