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  1. nzoomed

    Suitable star caps for a 2W laser

    I've built a laser with an M140 diode, and want to install a star cap in place of the G2 lens. Is there any set of star caps available that can screw into the housing? Am keen to experiment with making a bat signal type arrangement too. Anyone done this? How easy is it to make a star cap with...
  2. nzoomed

    My first build - 2W M140 diode laser

    Thanks lifetime17 for the host! This is my first laser build ever. I grabbed an astral drive V off ebay and an M140 diode. Its using a g8 lens, and as others have said, you don't get an overly tight beam and its slightly parabolic in shape I'm pretty sure. The beam is bright as hell and leaves a...
  3. nzoomed

    638 or 650nm Whats more popular?

    For my next build, I would like to do a red laser, what wavelength is most popular? Is there any thats more visible? This seems to be the brightest 638nm diode I can find, its a Oclaro HL63193MG https://www.ebay.com/i/312409261460?ul_noapp=true Im assuming most of the generic red lasers are...
  4. nzoomed

    List of 589nm diodes available?

    I would like to do a yellow laser for my next build. Prefer 589nm if possible. Who makes such diodes? I have done a search and cannot find any diodes on the market but some laser pointers seem to be made in this wavelength. Perhaps I will just have to buy a pre built laser?
  5. nzoomed

    How good are these optics?

    Im building my first laser, with an M140 diode. Will run at around its maximum output, but I dont believe 2W output is possible unless you have good optics. Anyway, for this unit, im installing the diode inside this housing here...
  6. nzoomed

    Have I been exposed to dangerous levels if IR from my 5mW green laser?

    About 10 years ago, i bought a cheap 5mW laser from china (my first such laser). Only some time later I was reading about these cheap lasers that had no IR filters installed (this was made by new wish laser in china). Even though they put out 5mW of visible green light, some potentially produce...
  7. nzoomed

    Trying to work out correct current for driver...

    Im wanting to use an M140 diode with this driver here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/191903871453 Specs for the M140 are 2W max output and max current is 1.3A After reading the specs for the driver it says 5.5V max boost circuit, and the working voltage is 3-5V Since with Ohms law, Voltage *...
  8. nzoomed

    Suitable driver and enclosure for an M140?

    Been reading a few threads on drivers for M140 diodes and have been looking on ebay and found this: Item number 273198784157 I have no idea on its quality, but obviously its more ideal to use a CW driver than a pulsed driver? I probably plan to run it around 1.5-1.6W Also saw item number...