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  1. crazyspaz

    Large sale- lasers, hosts, optics, heatsinks, and more

    Sale is done. Thanks for your business, everyone :)
  2. crazyspaz

    Stainless Steel Side clicky 445

    So I got a few hosts off ebay a while back, and one was a stainless steel side clicky (link). As a flashlight it was extremely mediocre, but I wanted it for the host- when I got it, I realized that they were, in fact, awesome hosts and I quickly ordered another. I sent them off to ehgemus for...
  3. crazyspaz

    FS:all sold--M140 445nm diodes

    Got another projector tore down that I managed to snag on fleabay. This one had 0 hours on it, so the diodes are brand new! Unfortunately I got the newer M140 model that not only comes with 23 diodes instead of 24, but instead of having 6 A-series diodes in it...it had 8. Tear. That's OK though...
  4. crazyspaz

    FS: 10A test loads

    I have been wanting one of these for a while, so I through an order of stuff in with my last PCB and part order. But, OSHpark only sells in multiples of 3, so I have 2 extra that I don't need. These are RHD's original design, tweaked just a bit for me by DJquan. It should be noted these use a...
  5. crazyspaz


    Have another C6 for sale. Uses a blitzbuck set to ~1.45A (can't remember the exact current) and an A140 diode with a 3 element glass lens, so output is definitely over 1W. Probably more like 1200-1300mW, but I have no LPM, hence it being labeled as >1W :) Takes 2x16340/16350/18350 batteries (not...
  6. crazyspaz

    FS: 3 circular adjustable Blitzbucks (new design)

    I have 3 extra circular boards. These are a new layout and will fit better (/at all) into pills, especially C6's. Input Voltage: 1.2*Vin - 16V Output Voltage: <1V - 9V output: adjustable 1.4-2.5A (may vary slightly per board) Price: $18 per driver + $2 shipped CONUS. If you want priority (2...
  7. crazyspaz


    This is just a feeler for now. I finally heard back from the company ("microflexwire," based in the US) for their quote on their silicone insulated wire. I got a quote for both 26AWG and 20AWG. To give a visual representation of the difference between 26 and 20AWg (because I don't have a sample...
  8. crazyspaz

    Fs: C6 445 >1w (sold)

    I'm a fan of simple, straightforward, no-BS sale threads. SOoOooo heres what I got for ya'll: -C6 host -3 element glass lens -A140 diode -Benboost@1.267A (runs on 1x18650, not included), which is about 1.2W out of the diode. However, with the glass lens, you can expect some optical loss, so I...
  9. crazyspaz

    FS:blitzbuck adjustable drivers

    Simple enough thread :) I have a few of these for sale. 3 rectangular adjust and 3 circular adjust (16.8mm). Be sure you have plenty of room in your pill for the round boards, I found they don't quite fit in the standard C6 brass ring setup. Its close though, it catches on the smallest part of...
  10. crazyspaz

    FS: Two HeNe's

    Time to clear out some more stuff. I just got another HeNe, and I have no need for 4 of them sitting around, so here ya go :) First one is a small Uniphase HeNe, standard deal, nothing too special. It was my first HeNe though, so hopefully it will make for a good a first for someone else...
  11. crazyspaz

    all sold!

    Well, I got some more diodes for sale :) This time its a batch of 9mm diodes from another projector I tore down. I already put one into a host for myself, and I am debating on keeping another. So, there will be either 14 or 15 total available. Pricing -$50 per bare diode -5$ for pressing it...
  12. crazyspaz

    FS:LPM's added!+A140 445 diodes

    I have some A140 diodes for sale that I have pulled from a working, low hour projector. There are 24 in the original block, but I am keeping a few :) In their original block.... And to borrow some power charts from some older threads: Both of those graphs have other diodes in them too...
  13. crazyspaz

    Lazeerer & Flaminpyro

    Just a shoutout to Lazeerer and flaminpyros excellent customer service. Quite a while ago, I killed a SXB by using 2 li-ions instead of one (I failed to double check the driver data). I sent a PM off to flaminpyro (who I bought the driver from), and he got in contact with lazeerer and told me it...
  14. crazyspaz

    Super cheap and easy red burner build for the masses!

    So a week or two ago, I saw this thread, and was really intrigued by it- i had a few of those heatsinks, and the rest of the parts for a 650nm build were pretty cheap..So I ordered what I needed: The host: Pocket 3W LED Flashlight The driver: 350mA AMC driver The diode (in module) : 650nm 3.8mm...
  15. crazyspaz

    45% off everything at surplus shed TODAY

    you can use code SS180304 at checkout to get 45% off everything on surplusshed.com, but only for the next 12 hours. Wish I would have seen the email sooner, but I have been gone all day...I suggest picking up some of their big PBS cubes. I have 2 already, but I am getting 2 more :D
  16. crazyspaz

    FS: Multiline Argon!

    Hey everyone. Time for me to sell a few things. First up is my 520- Sold Next up is my Uniphase Cyonics 2201D-40MLA Multiline argon (manufactured 1999). Does 5 lines on idle, and 6 on max. I estimate it to do about 50mW on max power, but I cannot confirm that (no LPM). I know it can do more...
  17. crazyspaz

    WTB Kryton Groove switch (1A)

    I just bought a kryton groove off Mohrenberg, but it does not come with a switch. I am posting here, because I don't want to wait 2 weeks for a switch from DX. Here is the kind of switch i need. I would assume that whoever has some for sale, has spares that he/she bought for a kryton build...
  18. crazyspaz

    Nichia UV surplus diodes.

    so, every once in a while i like to search FleaBay to see if there are any diodes like the ones styropyro got, especially from nichia, since they make some pretty awesome diodes, like 476, 488, etc etc (too bad they cost an arm, leg, firstborn child, and your favorite pet). I haven't seen...
  19. crazyspaz

    Question(s) about the 593.5/589nm process

    so i have been looking up some of the more exotic DPSS wavelengths-exotic being really anything that isnt 532nm (although it seems 473nm will be as affordable as 532nm is in the not too distant future). I really, REALLY like the color of 589...who doesnt, honestly. in my searched, i quickly...
  20. crazyspaz

    a mighty WASSAP from the nothingness of Indiana

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