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    FS: Highly configurable laser tripod/clamp

    SOLD! Thank you for the interest!
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    FS: Highly configurable laser tripod/clamp

    Pending sale...
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    FS: Sci-Fi Lasers 2W-2.4W SF501B 445nm (Mint!)

    Hi Black3nding -- I'll look up shipping to Germany and send you a PM. Thanks!
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    FS: Highly configurable laser tripod/clamp

    Good morning! Just selling this one, used, personal unit. Scouting out to see if there'd be any interest in it. Thanks!
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    FS: Highly configurable laser tripod/clamp

    Just seeing if there's any interest in a very portable and highly configurable laser tripod and clamp configuration... Adjustable to almost any angle, can handle thick and heavy lasers, and includes a velcro strap to allow secure mounting in places otherwise not possible. Clam detaches and can...
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    FS: Sci-Fi Lasers 2W-2.4W SF501B 445nm (Mint!)

    Bumpity, bottom line price update. $115 including shipping in US and shipped day of payment.
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    FS: Mint 100mW WL Evo with accessories

    Pending sale... Working out shipping issues, so I'll update on the outcome.
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    532nm & 445nm Night Shot First Attempts

    Okay okay, maybe a couple more from the Evo :D
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    532nm & 445nm Night Shot First Attempts

    Hey all. I took these photos for my classifieds ads, but figured I might post here to share and hopefully get some tips! This is my first try at photographing my lasers. While I think they turned out okay, they're nothing like some of the amazing shots I've seen on here. Camera used is a Sony...
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    FS: Sci-Fi Lasers 2W-2.4W SF501B 445nm (Mint!)

    Another photo My amateur attempt at a night laser shot (one of the few times I've powered this puppy on). Beam is adjustable.
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    FS: Mint 100mW WL Evo with accessories

    Another photo Amateur attempt @ night photo
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    My Laser Collection !

    Very nice! Do you end up neglecting many of them for a favorite or two?
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    What is your internet connection speed?

    I have Verizon Fios 50 down/50 up. I started out with their 300/300, but it was overkill and too much money.
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    How old are we?

    I just barely made the 23-30 range (on the high end)... getting old. :(
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    Getting back into it after years away... A couple questions

    Welcome back! I have owned both a Dragon Lasers Viper and Spartan and have been very impressed with their quality. I've heard rumors that quality has gone down over the years, mostly from reading this forum, but I cannot confirm that. I do know that my favorite laser, currently, is a Dragon...
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    Most dangerous laser user I have ever seen!!!

    Wow. This appears to be a healthy mix of immaturity, ignorance, and stupidity. That's a pretty dangerous combo. That's one of the major issues I've had with heavily marketed laser products -- they focus on a laser's power as a measure of "coolness." ie, "it's so bright!" "You can see this for...
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    First Time Buyer Here Looking For Advice

    That's a good start, I'm glad you're not jumping in like so many others and wanting the most powerful handheld on the market. Best of luck, I've had excellent dealing with SF Lasers.
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    Help me decide... iPhone 6S Plus or Samsung S6 Edge+?

    Also, Edge+ would absolutely be my choice if it were not a work phone. As for the smart watches, I agree with most of the comments about it not being useful *yet*. However, 2nd gen type devices have started to surface (Samsung S2 Classic, Moto 360 2nd gen, Huawei Watch) which have peaked my...