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  1. Dr_Evil

    I need some translations

    I'm having a shirt made with a silhouette of Samual Jackson from Pulp Fiction. I want the quote "English mother f...er, do you speak it?" on it. I want it in a different language though. Something other than Spanish. Can any of you help provide a legitimate translation to another language?
  2. Dr_Evil

    sharp 488s

    I was able to spectro the 3 diodes I have today. They are 480, 486, and 490. The 480 was a nice surprise. Now I've got to find a nice host for it.
  3. Dr_Evil

    My saber collection.

    I have 4 operational and 2 empties at the moment. All of these are from Saberforge. L to R: Guardian - This is one of 3 mystery sabers I bought. Turns out mine is slightly different than what's available on the website. I kind of like that since it makes it unique. Ares - This was my first one...
  4. Dr_Evil

    SELEM 2019 - Aug 6 - 11

    Some of you know about SELEM - southeast laser enthusiasts meet. While it is more for show and show projectors, anyone interested in laser stuff can go. Just don't be stupid with pointers. Check this thread out for more information...
  5. Dr_Evil


    I know some members here machine their own stuff. If you were going to work with material with a max size of about 4" diameter and 18" long, what would you recommend? If I get one, copper and aluminum would probably be what I work with the most. I might try working with nickel at some point.
  6. Dr_Evil

    I really want to make a host out of this material. There's only one problem...

    It cost $100 per inch. Then there's the fees for the person that machines it.
  7. Dr_Evil

    light sabers

    This started out with wanting a wookiee costume for quite some time now. Then over the past couple years I've thought about a Jedi costume too. Well, after going to a Star Wars night at a local hockey game and meeting some of the people there that do cosplay and show up for events such as...
  8. Dr_Evil

    I'm still kickin

    I just haven't spent much time online though. Been working a bunch of overtime and it's getting old.
  9. Dr_Evil

    Quake Champions

    This is a new Quake game that entered closed beta April 6th. Minus the addition of abilities, the gameplay seems very similar to Quake 3. I've had access for a few weeks now. The game is in a temporary open beta until May 21st. I've been trying to find some people to kind of form a team. You can...
  10. Dr_Evil

    I heard from IgorT today

    Some of you may remember him. He had built the small pointers that ran off of a 10440 if I remember right. He sent me a message on FB today.
  11. Dr_Evil

    Looking for a (slightly) concave mirror

    I bought a couple of these. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/the-vorso-mk1-spinning-top Now I need something to spin them on. I think a 4 to 5 inch concave mirror would be a perfect solution. A glass lens or a piece of glass with a slight concave surface would work. Having the reflective surface on...
  12. Dr_Evil

    Custom built radio

    Hello everyone. It's been awhile since I posted or visited here. Some of you may remember this. http://laserpointerforums.com/f51/auto-switch-circuit-design-99182.html I finished the project a while ago although I may do some additional work such as sealing some external parts with RTV...
  13. Dr_Evil

    auto switch circuit design

    I'm working on another project. Basically an ammo can "boom box" similar to this. Ammo Box Speakers I am wanting to have it auto switch between battery and outlet power without a delay. I know using a power adapter similar to that of one used for a laptop might cause a slight delay as...
  14. Dr_Evil

    custom positive battery connection

    Does anyone have a source for 26mm round circuit boards? I need one to use for a positive battery connection. The other thing I thought of was getting something like this, cutting it, and adding some solder in the middle to the positive connection along with some around the edge for negative.
  15. Dr_Evil

    correcting a NDG7475

    I've been wanting to build a 1W 520 for a while now. I hate the beam specs though. I finally came up with an idea for a host which I'll try to keep under wraps until the project is finished. The problem is getting a better beam. I've been looking around and came across this. Is it necessary...
  16. Dr_Evil

    Lasers being used to map airflow

    https://www.nasa.gov/image-feature/langley/a-laser-sharp-view-of-blended-wing-body-plane-design https://www.nasa.gov/feature/langley/nasa-to-shine-lasers-on-future-aircraft-concept
  17. Dr_Evil

    For those wanting 26650s, check this out.

    I was in my local Batteries + and noticed these. The price was somewhere around $12. The package says 4600mAh. I figured it wouldn't hurt to buy one since I needed another one. The updated packaging says 13 amp max draw. I tested the capacity using a .5 amp draw. The capacity came out to...
  18. Dr_Evil

    new phone

    So after a month of dealing with the screen on my Galaxy s5 acting weird once in a while, it finally got to the point it wouldn't work 90% of the time. I now have a LG G5. Other than missing a "home" button, needing to purchase a few USB type-C cables a couple higher amp chargers, I like it...
  19. Dr_Evil

    Michael Winslow

    For those that have seen Space Balls and/or Police Academy, you have seen this guy. The noises he can make is crazy. Watching videos with him has been my latest YT craze. L6Sw6amNg5s
  20. Dr_Evil

    Cl 1000

    I hope the users have enough protection when using this thing. 1000 Watts High Power Laser Systems - cleanLASER