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  1. realista

    What happened to NOVAlasers?

    old days :)
  2. realista

    Cheap 1w 445nm, is it good?

    i found this 445nm laser pointer High Performance 5mw Blue Light Laser Pointer for Astro Observation (445nm 2 x 16340 Battery)-78.13 and Free Shipping| GearBest.com and asking about power they replied it's a 1w laser. Do you think it's a good one to purchase??
  3. realista

    Is This a Good Deal? Green Laser

    interesting but impossibile to know real spec
  4. realista

    RGB hand-held laser

    this looks insane......... how much work, how much genius
  5. realista

    NDB7675 462nm 1.7W copper build * updated with video

    Re: NDB7675 462nm 1.7W copper build * with pics very good build
  6. realista

    what is the cheapest 1w 520nm handheld?

    of course i have the rubber round dust protection that you generally see on the custom flashlight sold here. and my 445nm lense is perfect. OK to take seriously an high powered laser BUT......i am no a collectionist! i have to use lasers hust to play some seconds, see the beam effect, impress...
  7. realista

    i look for 520nm laser in a 1x14500 host. even if only 500mw(due to HEAT) is ok!

    hi. i already own a 445nm laser in trustfire f25 silver host (1x14500) that i REALLY LOVE. it is set to 600mw max. i bought here in this site about 2/3 years ago from a member i don't remember the name. i hate handeld laser because i can not bring with me that kind of laser. so i only uses...
  8. realista

    what is the cheapest 1w 520nm handheld?

    maybe i can sell to a personmy 532nm 280mw handleld. if i recover money i think i get a w1 520nm. but there is 1 problem. i cannot find a LITTLE HOST for this 1w laser. I sell my handeld just because i wanna play everytime with my laser but i cannot take it with me if it longer than ( about)...
  9. realista

    what is the cheapest 1w 520nm handheld?

    thank you for the into. however my 280mw green is a classic 532nm dpss. is the 520nm brighter than 532? i'd love a 1w laser but at the moment the cost is too high for me. maybe there will be a 1,5w 2w 520nm and at that point the 1w or 700mw 520nm will be cheaper. at the moment, are there GOOD...
  10. realista

    what is the cheapest 1w 520nm handheld?

    hello to all. i would consider to buy a nice 1w green laser. i only own a 270/300mw handheld and i just can't imagine how bright can be a 1w laser. i noticed that on olike site it is aroung 600$. can i find it on a cheaper price? and..... do you thing that within 6 months or 12 months will be a...
  11. realista

    Be safe.

    good luck
  12. realista

    does someone use 1.6volt POWERGENIX NiZn aa/aaa batteries?

    little up :) no one that is using these nizn ?
  13. realista

    dealextreme Kaleidoscopic 30mW Green Laser

    old memories ............
  14. realista

    beamshots outdoor

    hello ! :) i'm happy to see the pics we made !!!!
  15. realista

    O-Like 100/50mW With "Beam Expander"?

    no one review? it is a perfect laser for long pointing...right? but 81 $ for a 100$ is a bit high price
  16. realista

    Optotronics 120mW 532nm ''green pen'' review

    very nice
  17. realista

    beam expander inside an olike laser?

    :) :) no one bought it?
  18. realista

    beam expander inside an olike laser?

    hi.. i noticed this High Power 100mW Green laser wand /Wide beam/focuasable [OL-OWDG-100] - $81.99 : Zen Cart!, The Art of E-commerce the beam diameter is 6/8 mm... and i read "It is perfect dot ,and little dot at long distance ,so it is good for pointing long distance ". so i think that mrad...
  19. realista

    a part of my collection

    bella collezione!