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  1. Dr_Evil


    I was looking into AW batteries recently. I haven't seen them mentioned anywhere in a while and I couldn't find any for sale. I came across a post on a flashlight forum that said they are no longer in business.
  2. Dr_Evil

    I need some translations

    Lol. This is the OT area. I've had this short idea for a couple weeks and knew there's members here from around the world. I just need to decide on a translation to use.
  3. Dr_Evil

    I need some translations

    Greek could work and would probably really make people wonder wtf. It probably also has a lower chance of being easily translated by someone that would get offended by the F word.
  4. Dr_Evil

    I need some translations

    I'm having a shirt made with a silhouette of Samual Jackson from Pulp Fiction. I want the quote "English mother f...er, do you speak it?" on it. I want it in a different language though. Something other than Spanish. Can any of you help provide a legitimate translation to another language?
  5. Dr_Evil

    sharp 488s

    WWhen I mean around, I'm talking about +/- 0.5nm
  6. Dr_Evil

    sharp 488s

    All of them were bought from techhood in 3 different transactions. One each in September, October, and November 2018. I'll be posting pictures for sure once I get it installed in something. I also have one of these and it was right around 488...
  7. Dr_Evil

    sharp 488s

    I was able to spectro the 3 diodes I have today. They are 480, 486, and 490. The 480 was a nice surprise. Now I've got to find a nice host for it.
  8. Dr_Evil

    589 MilkyWay

    Great picture. I love my CNI 80mW 589.
  9. Dr_Evil

    Politics and General Debates Thread

    Neither the previous president or the current are worth a :poop:. That's all I gotta say.
  10. Dr_Evil

    "Burning Man" festival may be getting too big

    I saw something about that a while ago. I understand the trash problem. Barriers though? You're in the middle of BFE. No need for barriers.
  11. Dr_Evil

    My saber collection.

    I was thinking about that myself. Picking one to use will be the hardest part. I'm thinking a 1W green diode is what will be installed in it.
  12. Dr_Evil

    My saber collection.

    I have 4 operational and 2 empties at the moment. All of these are from Saberforge. L to R: Guardian - This is one of 3 mystery sabers I bought. Turns out mine is slightly different than what's available on the website. I kind of like that since it makes it unique. Ares - This was my first one...
  13. Dr_Evil

    New "505"nm diodes

    I have 5, maybe 6 of these diodes on hand right now. One of the I bought September 2018 from newgazer. It has no markings around the window. I just got 5 more in the mail from a different seller. All of them have SB278DG91 around the window. If I can get a driver on time, I plan on having all of...
  14. Dr_Evil

    Bitcoin Discussion

    As I told someone else on FB, I think I'll pass on something that would become useless when EMP weapons are used.
  15. Dr_Evil

    Lumia pics

    Looks good. I have a battery powered one with 660, 532, 450, and 405. With cheap diodes around 488 and 520 now, I may have to add those two.
  16. Dr_Evil

    Opt Lasers 6X Cylindrical Testing

    Okay. I was thinking press fit might be a problem. I'm not sure a standard module with a set screw would work for me either. What about a module with inside threads for the lens and outside threads so it can screw into the head? Maybe use a high quality thermal compound on the threads to help...
  17. Dr_Evil

    Opt Lasers 6X Cylindrical Testing

    That might be fun since I plan on pressing the diode directly into the HS.
  18. Dr_Evil

    Post your pics of unique builds no-one else has

    Thanks for the offer. I'm gonna send you a PM since I would like to keep my idea under wraps until the host itself is done.
  19. Dr_Evil

    Opt Lasers 6X Cylindrical Testing

    I've had a set of 6x sitting around for a couple years now that I've been wanting to use with a 7475. I assume you set the focus for infinity. If you did, would you be able to provide some measurements? For example, from the front of the G2 to the back on the first lens of the 6x set. The from...
  20. Dr_Evil

    SELEM 2019 - Aug 6 - 11

    Looking forward to meeting you. Even if you just bring some of the stuff to show without powering it on would be nice.