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  1. kilter

    Sanwu Pocket 505nm 30mW review (With pics)

    Nice review! Haven't been in the laser game for a bit. Now i really want a lower wavelength green :/
  2. kilter

    New laser module half-working

    @ this whole thread "SMH"
  3. kilter

    Review: DL Spartan 589nm 50mw

    Nice review! Need to get me a yellow soon...
  4. kilter

    Laser 303 dimming.

    Just saying, double or triple A batteries do not have the same power as a 18650. You should get a new battery! Sorry about the kinda necro!
  5. kilter

    Laserbtb PL 445nm 500mW Laser Review

    Great review! +1
  6. kilter

    Bus driver sustains permanent eye damage form laser.

    yo TRUUUUUUUUUUUU Now i have a new fear when playing with lasers :crackup:
  7. kilter

    HELP PLEASE!!!! good lasers for cheap???

    YES This is very important! Be sure you know how powerful these lasers are, especially since laserpointerpro green lasers probably have a sh*t ton of IR. Be safe! ;D
  8. kilter

    Laserglow Lyra and a watch! :)

    Very beautiful body, high quality laser, nice box, and quick and SUPER SECURE (bubble wrap everywhere!) SHIPPING! I got it for less than 40 during thanksgiving sale! Thats the best time to buy from laserglow.
  9. kilter

    Laserglow Lyra and a watch! :)

    Maybe ;)
  10. kilter

    Laserglow Lyra and a watch! :)

    I hope you're not joking LOL
  11. kilter

    Laserglow Lyra and a watch! :)

    I bought it for my B-day in august last year, but I lost the gold in Canada three years ago. Dang that was a long time :whistle:
  12. kilter

    Laserglow Lyra and a watch! :)

    Here ya go! Laserglow Lyra 5mw 532nm laser with gold and silver accents! :drool: (Bought the watch for cheap, turns out it has a nice miyota movement in it. Watch thread here http://laserpointerforums.com/f57/post-your-watch-collection-pics-91453.html#post1328983 You can start it back up if...
  13. kilter

    Laserbtb Handheld 100mW 532nm IR filtered laser

    Definitely something wrong as others have said. Looks like its almost acting like a yellow! :na:
  14. kilter

    50mW Green from MegaLaserUK

    Cool laser!
  15. kilter

    New big boy toy! Jetlasers PL-E Pro 300mW 532nm review

    Very high quality comprehensive reiview! +1
  16. kilter

    Post your WATCH collection! [pics]

    Yeah i checked them all out :drool::drool::drool::drool:
  17. kilter

    Post your WATCH collection! [pics]

    I know this is mad bump but HOLY JESUS THAT IS A HOT TOURBILLION!!!! *fangirling in the distance
  18. kilter

    Sci Fi Lasers SF501B 405nm * 800mW -1W *

    Nice beamz :)
  19. kilter

    Cheap Aliexpress 445nm "10000mW"

    Wow not bad at all!
  20. kilter

    JetLasers 30mw 473nm

    Re: JetLasers 30mw 473nm (power test up) I swear you have this copied onto the clipboard so you can post it on every noobie's revew :na: