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  1. 00Giorge

    Laser blind? (Spiders!)

    I just went down into my man cave (basement) and saw a big Hobo Spider run to a spot where I couldn't squish him and I got my 1.5 w 445 and hit him with it and he ran away. (probably plotting revenge) The big question is: Why does a laser blind humans and animals but not spiders? They get hit...
  2. 00Giorge

    Good news for Trekies

    I was reading news articles and found this Scientist beams up a real "Star Trek" tricorder | Science Headlines | Comcast Someone has actually invented a tricorder similar to the ones used in Star Trek.
  3. 00Giorge

    E-cig explodes!

    :eek: I was just reading the news paper and found this article Electronic cigarette explodes in man's mouth, causes serious injuries - HealthPop - CBS News This really scares me since I have an E-cigarette, just goes along with the other exploding batteries.
  4. 00Giorge

    My new 1.5 ehgemus 445!

    After seeing the 1.5 ehgemus 445 that yobresal had for sale http://laserpointerforums.com/f39/1-5w-ehgemus-445nm-70797.html I couldn't resist, so I bought it. I figured for $250 it would cost me that just to build it. Yobresal was great to work with since I didn't have all of the money. I sent...
  5. 00Giorge

    Your favorite commercials!

    With the Super Bowl coming up and one of my favorite things is the commercials that are on during the Super Bowl. So if you can find'em post'em. This is one of my favorites and after it was aired it was banned due to complaints.
  6. 00Giorge

    515nm Green diode!

    Since the search bar seems to be missing and I couldn't find anything about them. I ran across a web page about 515 nm Green diodes and thought I would see if anybody else has heard anything about them. It seems they are only going to be 20 mw but the way I look at it it's a start. Laser...
  7. 00Giorge

    Life Flight Helicopter gets lased!

    This was in todays paper and is about 4 miles from me. This is just making things worse when these idiots do this crap! USU police look into report of laser shining into Life Flight cockpit - The Herald Journal: News: helicopter, utah state university, usu police, dee glen smith spectrum...
  8. 00Giorge

    Green Laser diodes on ebay?

    I ran across this in another thread and I thought would put this up and see what you guys think. I am not putting this up to get flamed, it just looks suspicious to me, since there is no information to go with them. :undecided: I think it's a scam! LOT 10 PHOTOP GDL-T GREEN LASER DIODE...
  9. 00Giorge

    Does your GF/Wife/BF hate your lasers and LPF? (Pick 2)

    Ok my girlfriend tells me that I should do something better with my time than be on LPF, My reply was "would you rather have me looking at porn or LPF?" Hers was " well I just think it's stupid along with your lasers!" (BITCH!) So I decided I would do a poll to see if any other members had the...
  10. 00Giorge

    Never mind Wrong section

    Sorry I am having problems with my laptop
  11. 00Giorge

    what will happen !!

    :huh: If your are pointing your laser at a mirror it will reflect the beam.
  12. 00Giorge

    Lpf is slow!

    I am having problems with LPF tonight, it is being slow and timing out. I have rebooted, loged out and back in and it is still doing the same thing, I am currently running @ 56mbps. This is the only site I am having problems with. Is anyone else having problems?
  13. 00Giorge

    WL warranty repair update!

    In a previous post http://laserpointerforums.com/f41/wicked-refusing-refund-55676.html#post785671 I stated that a friend of mine Pete got his Arctic G1 and it quit working. He sent it back to WL and wanted a refund, they sent him another laser and he received the package today with the green...
  14. 00Giorge

    I bought 3 more lasers on ebay

    Well my original red laser that I bought in 96 or 97 finally died! My greenie died last year, it got smashed! After buying the violet 405nm (http://laserpointerforums.com/f52/ebay-9-blu-ray-pens-great-53322.html) and it was great! I got the three (red, green & violet) for $20 from the same...
  15. 00Giorge

    1w 445nm decision

    After getting my refund from Wicked I am trying to decide between a 1w Spartan $230 plus shipping or try LVYI 1w 445 $170 incudes shipping and it is water proof and is able to be focused. I am not familiar with LVYI, has anybody had any epierience with them? What do you guys think? :anyone:
  16. 00Giorge


    I guess I fore got to introduce my self. I am a service tech and I cover 4 states, but I am currently parked on my butt at home with a broken ankel. I have had lasers for about 12 years and absolutley love em. The thing that brought me to LPF is doing searches for a new laser, I origanally...