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    will Blue/ Green laser goggles work for the eclipse?

    i have laser goggles that block blue violet and green light but not red will these work for the eclipse? https://www.amazon.com/Uvex-S0360X-Ultra-spec-SCT-Orange-Anti-Fog/dp/B003OBZ64M/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1503327455&sr=8-2&keywords=safety+goggles+orange . i have a feeling not but no...
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    strong shoking laser prank pointer

    ive always thought those fake shocking laser pens were pretty funny but they were always cheap and died after a few uses since they used those tiny watch bats- and often were too weak to bother some people i was wondering if there was a way to get one that used normal bats so it could be...
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    Obamacare / 30 hour full time laws details

    Question about the 30 hour rule with businesses trying to avoid full-time regulations. How exactly does the 30 hour rule Work ? Is it 30 average hours per year per month? Does it matter if you go over 30 a couple of weeks randomly ? Ex 36 34 32 20 20 15 34- since this skill well average...
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    Upgrade my 2009 MacBook Pro - new version

    I am finally looking to upgrade my computer system to a new year and model I will most likely stick with Mac book Pro so I am hoping to buy one of the later years as mine seems to be showing it's age but it still working good My mac mid 2009 2.26ghz Intel core 2 duo 4gb 1067 MHz DDr3...
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    Shockwave flash replace

    I was just wondering if there are any other programs that I can replace shockwave flash on my MacBook Pro . Shockwave is always crashing over and over whenever there is some lag shockwave is it 90% of the time is there anyways to delete the program and use a different one? Or ways to fix it...
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    Format Micro SD card Error

    i recently bought a dash cam backup camera and i cant get it set up because it keeps asking me to format the SD card because it is full! but i already did that multiple times ! how can i fix this? what causes this ? it actually did record some before once or twice ...
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    Used Kia hidden problems ?

    So i am preparing to buy a used car on craigslist and want to make sure i wont get burned later on- the car i am buying is a 2014 kia forte 31000 miles we made a deal for 10,000 $ a good price ! https://fortmyers.cr...5508930830.html i am wondering are there any issues that could be not...
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    Ship to Kenya Africa

    My friend needs to ship a phone to his relative in Kenya and wants doesn't want to spend stupid amounts of money, what service is good for International shipping United States to Kenya ? With the prices I got with FedEx I might as well buy a plane myself and drop it off .
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    Selling iphones

    i assume this is allowed here.. if not ill delete! our family is getting the 6 plus upgrades with our contract discount and want to have the money to go towards them sooo 16 gb iPhone 5 white $200 OBO perfect condition minimal scratches if any can include charger case white good for one...
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    Mac too hot!

    Is there any solution to this issue? i have a Macbook pro, 2010, and just going online or usually watching a simple vid will get my mac to get obnoxiously hot, --- CPU 202 F HEATSINK B 160 NORTHBRIDGE 130 HD 100 ENCLOSURE BASE 1-4 105 ISH-- fans 4000/5000/6000 rpm CPU % can be 30/50/90%...
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    CNI -PGL-III(-C)-532/5~500mW Battery

    i have the 500mw CNI laser and when i took out the battery i forgot to look at what way it came out and now i cant put the battery back in cause im worried id put it in backwards and fry the laser.... what way does the battery go in this laser? CNI site does not say lol...
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    Drone with live feed camera,

    Amazon.com : DJI CP.PT.000027 Phantom FC40 Quadcopter with Wi-Fi FPV Video Camera (White) : Camera & Photo Hello i was thinking about getting one of these drones here but wanted to somehow incorporate a live feed system with my camera, i currently have a gopro hero 3 so i would like to work...
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    Laser video projecter

    Epson LS10000 Preview - CNET This looks interesting
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    Uuummmm.. yea.. so whos gonna buy one?? lol

    lol thoughts on this.. really apple.. lol i lll buy the laser that can sign the moon before i buy this... Preorder an iPhone 6 with a pink diamond for $48.5 million - CNET
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    Why are specific laser color/wavelength easier?

    i know 532nm is an IR laser doubled and Diode lasers emit that one specific wavelength, but why are there only a few colors of lasers and laser diodes? Technically speaking why is red so easy but yellow so hard? why can blue be a monster power but for others its much harder/more expensive ...
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    how many lasers can $10,000 buy you? 10K reward for plane Blasters !

    How great of a laser or laser collection could you get with 10k? what if that money came from a bounty on fools who are lazeing aircraft! its the perfect prize ! You get to strike down one of our worst enemies and get a nice reward! (hopefully) i think this is a great idea and while i dont...
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    BTU shocker left in. Car

    I left my BTU shocker flashlight in my car and it got very hot and when I took it out it turned on for a second then it went out and won't turn on anymore . Any ideas what could be wrong with it ? Thanks for the help
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    Worst thing ever to point a laser pointer at ..

    Thought I'd make a joke post (well should be joke but some people actually are that dumb) on the worst thing possible you could ever point a laser pointer at .. Resuliting in the worst outcome . Mine would be the president at a open speech .. But hey you may get to have the last thing you ever...
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    Fashlight deal

    HEIDER CFX SUPER TORCH i came across this in a link ans was wondering how good of a deal it was, is there a place i could buy this cheaper? is this decent quality and as bright as they describe? thanks just looking for an ultra bright flashlight that i can run for a while without worrying...
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    Laser projector

    American DJ Micro Galaxian Laser Special Effects Lighting:Amazon:Musical Instruments My mom wants to get a laser projector for her dance studio and asked me what I think of it . Since I really only know about handheld lasers I figured I'd see how this deal looks on here , is this a lasting good...