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    industrial cutting laser DIY help/thoughts

    a business "friend" of mine is interested in the possibility of adding a laser to an machine he uses working with Neoprene. the material is 0.500" thick nominally and passes through the machine at 88 fmp (feet per minute). there is a need to insert a cutter to cut the Neoprene to size, think of...
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    CR123A out put question

    2 of my lasers came from O-Like equipped with RCR123A 3.6V 800mAh batteries. now looking for replacement batteries I can only find CR123A batteries which are a single use battery not rechargeable. I've also noticed that the CR123A batteries are 3V not 3.6V. so is this normal? is the extra .6V...
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    O-Like's 1 x 200mW blu-ray torch/adjustable/focusable (OL-405-200-T)

    Received my 1 x 200mW blu-ray torch/adjustable/focusable (OL-405-200-T) from O-Like first thing Friday morning... so far I've got very mixed feelings about it. it's very light and slim but to be honest it feels delicate, and almost fragile. but the thing that is bothering me the most is the beam...
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    multiple beams out of one host

    trying to untie a design knot. if you wanted to build a laser that would project say 6 beams; kind of a Predator 6 gun thing... (oh, all beams parallel) would you use 6 modual/diode/driver/battery combinations set up in a Revolver's Cylinder hand gun style heat sink with them all activated by a...
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    Postal / Shipping Issues

    Greetings one and all, I hope this is the correct location for this thread. I have Ordered several Lasers from O-Like, first order placed: Thursday 15 July, 2010 Shipped on: July 19, 2010 ------------------------------------------------------ 1 x 200mW blu-ray torch/adjustable/focusable...
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    Laser Gun Site I.D. Help and is it worth tinkering with?

    I have a 5mW laser gun site that isn't working it's best, from the stills and the video can anyone identify who made it, and is it worth tinkering with or should I just gut the animal and put all new parts in the host? OH! Tried 5 different batteries at my local Interstate Battery Location...