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    What can be seen from 5+ miles?

    What type of wattage and lense assembly from a handheld laser is needed for this in a remote heavily forested mountain area, if your friend is 5 or so miles away, that he can easily see with the naked eye? My survival 2.2w blue 445nm with a g2 lens could easily be seen at 2 miles, with the beam...
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    Help on laser pointer store

    I placed an order for a 3x beam expander with this company on 12-24-18 and immediately paid for it thru Visa. The payment went thru and it was for $53. I got the order confirmation but never received a shipping notice. For over a week I have emailed and emailed them and attempted to call them on...
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    What is the power meter commonly used?

    A lot of the veteran members that I noticed in the past used a specific type of meter that measured the mw power of their lasers on here. It was from quotes of several years past, and I cant remember the name of it. One member stated that it cost around $179. I am looking for a type that can...
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    Battery direction help

    I am a 56yo kid that lost my memory over the rigors of time. I have a Thor ultra 5w that I have been using w the 26650's facing to the rear. Is this correct? I also have a Sanwu Striker 7w on the way that Youtube xbox360 indicates that these 26650's should be facing to the front. Is this...
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    I am sure this guy was just scanning the ridgeline with his new green laser. It is clear that he was not targeting this house, but I doubt they all happened to have their safety glasses on. With all these new powerful lasers now. It is so easy to do. I have seen this type of testing over and...