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  1. hikmetsezen

    a damaged goggle from ebay seller

    I purchased a safety goggle for Red and IR wavelengths from a famous ebay seller, zone2stealth. Unfortunately, it arrived broken frames around blue filter glases at many points from both sides because it was not well packed. I sent the pictures to the seller, he told me he can send new one if I...
  2. hikmetsezen

    UV laser diode <400nm

    Hi, I am postdoc researcher at Elettra Synchrotron - Fermi Free Electron Laser facility at Trieste, Italy. For a research project I need to excite TiO2, titanium dioxide, with a 3.1-3.2 eV (400-385 nm) band gap. I start to look laser diode because of our limited budged, however I immediately see...