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  1. Arcahn

    Diode Mounts - No Press Fit?

    Have you guys seen these? They look perfect for mounting on just about anything. I'm just curious about the "no press fit needed" part. Anyone have any experience with them? :thanks: Link
  2. Arcahn

    A Unique Request...maybe?

    Hey guys. I've been lurking on these forums for a while now but finally decided to make an account, introduce myself, and become an official member of this awesome community. I've got kind of a unique request that may or may not be well received, so hopefully I don't offend anyone here. If so...
  3. Arcahn

    Well Met

    Hello all! New laser enthusiast here looking to get into the hobby. Glad to be a part of the community and hope to someday be able to add to it in some way. Nice to meet you!