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  1. Roger O

    Fiber Guide

    Hi everyone, I know that this question may have been asked before, but with no real answer, or solution. Does anyone have the ability to help me build a 445nm high power (>3 watt) lab laser that will fire into a fiber optic light guide? Fiber will be about 600u in diameter, and made of glass...
  2. Roger O

    Laser - Fiber Interface

    Hi! Does anyone have a diagram or picture of how to add a glass fiber to the output of a 445nm diode? Thanks!
  3. Roger O

    Laser Output Without a Lens

    High everyone! After thorough searching, I need some help with a question. I am looking to make a 445nm 1+ watt laser with the output going into a clad glass fiber about 2 maters long, and expect the beam at the end of the fiber to not be collimated. With that in mind, do I still need to...
  4. Roger O

    New Laser Build

    Hi Everyone! I am a new member, but a "lurker" here for some time now. Please allow me to give you some personal background. I am a dentist with 36 years in practice, and have been using and teaching dentists how to use dental lasers (Argon, Nd:YAG, CO2, Er:YAG), since 1992. I am interested...