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  1. brando132

    NFS:WL Arctic Spyder III Laser

    The seller that I was representing has decided he wants to keep the laser.
  2. brando132

    SOLD:S3 Arctic Laser.

    SOLD I'm selling my S3 445nm laser to fund my new hobby, Airsoft. It has about 1.5h on time, comes with: Normal lens Modified training lens(no OD filter, straight from the collimating lens) 1 2600mAh DX protected 18650 WL Battery Charger WL glasses (They are shit, don't use them) Original...
  3. brando132

    XFire Thread

    There's one for PS3 and 360, and since I recently got a new gaming laptop(Alienware), I though why not an XFire thread? LPF......................XFire brando132.............brando132
  4. brando132

    Arctic Videos

    Arctic popping balloons... yes those are Dr. Seuss books, all I had ATM. d-tnLYmNK48 4ipilkL7x04 More Arctic videos to come. **EDIT** Here's some beam shots, just 'cause.
  5. brando132

    Call of Duty: Black Ops

    So who's getting it? I already have my prestige edition pre-order placed. MP looks so awesome. kg_8mPoloBo G94SolEtpnc
  6. brando132

    Feeler: Blue DSi

    Anyone interested in a Blue DSi? Details available if interested.
  7. brando132

    INSANE Dilda Divergence

    So I was using my HeNe in my backyard and thought I'd get my dilda to compare colors, so I set it down focused it to the same size as my HeNe, but bumped it on the way up which set it perfectly back to infinity. I'm talking .12mRad-like infinity! Here is a picture of the dot at around 17 Meters...
  8. brando132

    How We All Started.

    So I'm curious as to how you guys got into lasers, so share your story of the event that got you hooked. My story is a short one and probably common, I had one of those cheap red lasers from the dollar store, and saw a green(oooh, shiiiny) laser, and thought it would be cool to have a new...
  9. brando132

    Slow-Motion Lightning!

    Right now there is this awesome lightning show with about 3-5 flashes per second mostly sheet lightning, but earlier it was slower but with pretty awesome fork lightning, and I got some videos with my high speed camera, I got 4 really good ones. My battery was dead when this started so I plugged...
  10. brando132

    Help Looking For a Cheap Gaming Laptop

    I am currently on the lookout for a cheap but decent gaming laptop, and have looked at Alienware M15x with a few options and have it priced at 1568.00CAD$, with "Intel® Core™ i5-540M 2.53GHz (3.06Ghz Turbo Mode, 3M cache)" also a "512MB NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 240M" graphics card, plus "4GB Dual...
  11. brando132

    Calling all Rayfoss FGB Owners

    I'm having a bit of trouble choosing a 200mW green laser. I've narrowed it down to Rayfoss models FLX or FGB, FMK is ruled out as I don't have that much to spend. I've also ruled out waterproof lasers as well because I've heard that they have sub-par beams due to the water residue on the...
  12. brando132

    Blu-Ray Laser Emitting Other Colors...

    My DX Blu-ray is emitting 2 visible spectrum strips like a prism. Not Mine^.:eg: I first noticed this when I was wearing my yellow glasses from Glenn and examining the dot. I noticed this dim rectangle of yellow light, then I put the glasses in front of the laser and the dot completely...
  13. brando132

    Obvious Scam E-Mail

    When I checked my inbox today I found this obvious scam email. ********* Dear Friend, This message might meet you in utmost surprise, however,it's just my urgent need for foreign partner that made me to contact you for this transaction. I am a banker by profession from Burkina faso in...
  14. brando132

    Ballast Resistor HELP!

    Got it solved. Ok, I have looked and looked for some ballast resistors for my Hene tube that I am getting soon, and I can't find any that would work. I need 68K total ohms and the only one I can find are less than ten and are for cars and such. Does anyone know where I can get some that would...
  15. brando132

    CLOSED: DL 5mW 473nm Pen Laser.

    It is no longer for sale. I bought it as a 5mW from Dragonlasers but don't have an LPM to check, but I heard that they usually sell overpowered units. I am looking for 275$ plus shipping and PP fee. It would include 2 batteries. (but no charger as I need it for my dilda.) Some pics...
  16. brando132

    Ugh, Wisdom Teeth...

    Ugh, wisdom teeth, I hate them, or rather I hate them getting pulled. That's what I did this morning, went to the dentist, little NOS, and BAM, I'm done, felling fine... till I get in the car and my mouth is just gushing blood, and it stayed that way for about 3 hours. I went through about 13-15...
  17. brando132

    Some nice beam and prism pics

    So I finally got my fog machine and have been dying to take some pics, so I finally did and here they are! They are all taken in my garage. The first few are shot with my 532nm using prisms from a really cheap set of binoculars. The next few are with the same setup but with my...
  18. brando132

    Building TEA Laser

    I'm thinking about building a TEA Laser. Homemade T.E.A. Lasers. Any tips or suggestions?
  19. brando132

    200mW Dilda II Videos[HD]

    So I got my Dilda a few days ago and have been having fun with it. here's it popping balloons. AQ5q1DcE7ss Popping from 10 meters away. oRJDq7h-Ack And cutting electrical tape quite quickly. V_ffdEW8scE And engraving in my IA project made of Pine. YOd3RvnUn7I Sadly I don't have matches...
  20. brando132

    20mw Greenie Starts a match by removing just one thing.

    So i recently decided to open up one of my older 20mw greenies from DX, I'm getting a better 50mw focusable so i didn't need this one.(plus I've got a few others like it) so i did a little experimenting and made it so that it is able to start a match w/o an external focuser. I got a...