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  1. Unown (WILD)

    The spam

    Hey everyone. Every day we get a lot of spammers making accounts and posting their ads all over the place in their sigs, about page and even going as far as pming members with their bs. If you see any of this please report it. I remove them on a daily basis but I can't watch the forum at all...
  2. Unown (WILD)

    For members who wish to change their name

    Hi everyone I thought it would be good to place in not so much a rule but a suggestion. When you decide to change your nickname on this forum please post in this thread about the change. Include your previous name and your new name. This will help keep a record of who changed what to prevent...
  3. Unown (WILD)

    Official Discord of LPF

    I'd like to announce the new official discord of LPF. All are welcomed to join but try to keep things civil. https://discord.gg/A85skGF5ht If you don't know what discord is you can read up on it here...
  4. Unown (WILD)


    I noticed that, although being a fully technological forum, we don't have a food section! We all know it. We all eat it. We all love it. :) It's FOOD! So let's share recipes, food ideas, what you ate for dinner, anything food related. Why not? Let's see what LPF eats on a daily basis. A few...
  5. Unown (WILD)

    Changed username to match discord

    Hi everyone I changed my nickname from Dud445 to Unown (WILD) to match my discord nickname. Happy lasing! If anyone plays Ark Survival Evolved, Space Engineers or 7daystodie send me a pm. I got a friend who runs a space engineers server and a friend of a friend who sometimes runs an ark server
  6. Unown (WILD)

    I'm new too

    Hi laser enthusiasts. I got into lasers a bit last year but ruined my first 445 hence the nickname. I got better at it though and I think I'm getting down. Anyways just wanted to make an intro. Happy lasing
  7. Unown (WILD)

    Flex drive or boost drivers

    Hi I can't seem to find any more flex drivers or any type of small boost driver. Are they no longer made?