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    Laser Expander

    Hi all, I need a laser expander. I want to expand a laser beam out to about two inches diameter. Is this reasonably possible? What type of laser expander should i go with in this case? Any tips for expanding the laser?
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    Looking for an awesome laser host

    Hi all, I recently got myself a https://sites.google.com/site/dtrlpf/home/diodes/6w-nubm44-445nm-laser-diode (NUBM44 7W laser) and am looking for a host. I am willing to spend a litle on it if it looks radical. Something along the old Eghemus lines would be cool. It would be really cool if...
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    Making a Laser using DLP Projectors

    After viewing styros video I would like to create something similar (no it hasn't got to have the same wattage). I just want to know how he was able to create a coherent laser beam using the DLP projector diodes. What are the best diodes? Is there a large difference in brand? I am very curious...
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    Looking for an awesome host for my laser, something like an Eghemus host

    Hi again, I have gone ahead and ordered my parts to make my laser, and now would like to have a really cool host for it. I was thinking about spray painting a nerf gun or something, but then I heard about Eghemus hosts and that some people may be willing to make/sell custom hosts. I would be...
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    The Most Powerful Laser Gun

    Hi All! I'm new here and I think I'll be needing some help. I'd like to create (on of) the most powerful homemade laser gun. I was inspired (partially) by this: https://youtu.be/iVrJUbeuG44 (40W laser gun, his video directs you here for help). I want it to be at least 100W. I, sadly, hardly...