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    FS: Highly configurable laser tripod/clamp

    Just seeing if there's any interest in a very portable and highly configurable laser tripod and clamp configuration... Adjustable to almost any angle, can handle thick and heavy lasers, and includes a velcro strap to allow secure mounting in places otherwise not possible. Clam detaches and can...
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    532nm & 445nm Night Shot First Attempts

    Hey all. I took these photos for my classifieds ads, but figured I might post here to share and hopefully get some tips! This is my first try at photographing my lasers. While I think they turned out okay, they're nothing like some of the amazing shots I've seen on here. Camera used is a Sony...
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    Thanks Alex2893!

    This thread is long over-due, but I wanted to thank Alex2893 for an excellent transaction. I purchased a Dragon Lasers Spartan from him a while back. Communication was excellent, shipping was fast, and the item was exactly as described. I purchased several lasers from different sources around...
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    Help me decide... iPhone 6S Plus or Samsung S6 Edge+?

    Seriously, why is this so difficult for me? I keep going back and forth between the two. Functionality, I can see both being acceptable as a work phone. Visually, the Edge+ has me won over. Resale value? iPhone. I'd also like to jump into a smart watch once they've matured a bit, so that also...
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    FS: Sci-Fi Lasers 2W-2.4W SF501B 445nm (Mint!)

    FS: Mint-condition SF501B 445nm 2-2.4W Laser from Sci-Fi Lasers Like many of the other lasers I purchased this year, this baby is in mint condition and has seen very little use. To be honest, this one way too much powerful for me and I have only powered it on 3-4 times max. Works perfectly...
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    FS: Eagle Pair 190-540nm Safety Goggles (Mint)

    FS: Mint Condition Eagle Pair 190-540nm Safety Glasses Selling these awesome safety glasses for your laser eye protection needs. These have seen very little use and do an excellent job. Please let me know if you have any questions! $30 including shipping in the US
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    FS: Mint 100mW WL Evo with accessories

    FS: Mint 100mW WL Evo with accessories Hey all, I am selling my mint condition 100mW Wicked Lasers Evo and can ship immediately to buyers in the US. Included: * Wicked Lasers 100mW Evo Laser * 100% Full Power Lens * Tactical Nylon holster * Laser Shades with cloth bag * Lanyard * Smartport and...
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    Hi there!

    Hey all, I have been a lurker for quite some time now and thought it best to finally introduce myself and become more active in the forums as my interest in the hobby grows. I'm not a stranger to lasers -- my first was a 125mw Viper from Dragonlasers about 7 years ago ($330 @ the time, yikes!)...